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Satisfied Staying Single Day - 11 February

It's Fun to be single day is a day of hitting before getting hit by Valentine's Day, which comes three days later, on February 14. 
Unlike Valentine's Day, which is a commercial and sticky holiday, full of Teddy bears and chocolates in the shape of a heart, the fun to be single day is a calm day, the day where you can do whatever you want, enjoy the things you love to do alone and not to get stressed out because you have no spouse. It's a day to go out without looking around you and observe if the other potential half of yours is there, just relax and enjoy being alone with yourself!
You are just fine the way you are, even if you do not have a partner to confirm that you are worth it.

Satisfied Staying Single Day

The Satisfied Staying Single Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy from However, there is no mention of the year they started celebrating this day. The creator of the fun day to be single came up with the idea because of the upcoming Valentine's Day, and so singles want to let the rest of the world know that being single is okay and it's okay to save money and not spend it on flowers and sweets unless they are for yourself. You can be happy alone, dance without a partner, go out alone and not spend too much of your money for your partner and more. When there is such a day, those same bachelors are no longer seen by others as pathetic or embarrassing.

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