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Meteor Watch Day- 30 June

June 30 is the day of the falling star. A "falling star" is a meteor, and the phenomenon of the falling meteor is the strip of visible light from a heated meteorite and a glow that falls through the earth's atmosphere.

  Legend has it that if you ask for something when you look at a shooting star, the wish will come true. The source of the legend is in ancient Greece, when the Greek astronomer Ptolemy, around the years 127-151 AD, wrote that the gods occasionally, out of curiosity, peek down at earth from among the clouds. Sometimes when it happens, stars slide and become visible and it looks like a shooting star. Because the gods are already looking at us, they will be more receptive to all our wishes!

Hence, belief in seeking a wish from a falling star is appropriate for someone who believes in Greek gods.

  Did you know that these falling stars are actually very small? The size of the meteorite can be from the size of a closed fist to the size of a stone. Thousands of meteorites enter the earth's atmosphere on a daily basis, but very few of them actually reach the surface; When they do this, they are called "meteorites".

  To celebrate the Day of the Meteorites (Fallen Stars), look at the sky at the stars and wait for the performance of a shooting star. If you see a falling star, ask for a wish.

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