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Super Monsters coloring pages

Super Monsters for Coloring - High quality and unique coloring pages of the animated series Super Monsters. The series tells about the super monsters that have a dual identity - by day they are ordinary children and at night they are monsters. As the sun sets, the children become monsters who study at the Pitchfork Pines Preschool. At school, they learn how to control their super powers and skills. The characters in the series are: Drac, a 4-year-old vampire who can fly, Cleo, 4-year-old mummy who can create sandstorms and tornadoes, Lobo who is a 3-year-old wolf-man with the ability to speed, Katia who is a 4-year-old young witch who sometimes has trouble speaking, Zoe who is a 4-year-old zombie Who can pass through walls and objects, Frankie who is the son of the 4-year-old superpower Frankstein, Spike who is a 3-year-old dragon, and Vida who is a skeleton decorated by her father and her mother's wolf, is 3 years old and can grow plants. She is also Lobo's cousin. Charlie who is a 4-year-old centaur, the son of the guard Ben and Melusine the Flying Mermaid.

The series  is an American-Canadian children's animated television series that premiered on Netflix.​ Here you have coloring pages of all Super Monsters characters. Printable coloring sheets for free you can come back o print and color again and again.
Choose the coloring page of Super Monsters you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!


Drac Shadows- Super Monsters coloring page
Vida - Super Monsters coloring page
Katya Spelling- Super Monsters coloring page
Spike Gong - Super Monsters coloring page
Cleo Graves - Super Monsters drawing to Color
Frankie Mash - Super Monsters coloring page
Zoe Walker - Super Monsters coloring pages
Melusine - Super Monsterrs coloring page
Lobo Howler - Super Monsters coloring page
Glorb - Super Monsters coloring page
Henri- Super Monsters coloring page
Charlie- Super Monsters coloring page
Cleo Graves and pet coloring page
Lobo Howler coloring page
Vida and Lobo coloring page
Netflix Super Monsters Figures
Unicorn Luna coloring page
Melusine and pets- Super Monsterrs coloring page
Katya Spelling day and night
Katya Spelling coloring page
Netflix Super Monsters Monster Bus
Super Monsters Zoe Walker Plush Toy
Drac Shadows and pets coloring page

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