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Black Cat Appreciation Day - August 17

"A Black Cat Crossing Your Path Signifies That the Animal Is Going Somewhere"
~ Groucho Marx

The black cat got a bad name because of superstitions in certain cultures.
Black cats are often associated with bad luck and therefore less cared for and when they are in animal adoption associations, the chances of them being adopted are smaller and therefore often need to be put to sleep to end their lives.

black cat Appreciation Day
Black Cat Day is designed to raise awareness that there is nothing wrong with the black cat and he is a cat like all cats, that he deserves a home and care and that even a black cat can be a perfect cat for the family.
In honor of August 17, Black Cat Day, share with friends the information that the belief that a black cat brings bad luck is just a superstition, that there is nothing behind it and that black cats deserve a home and good treatment just like all other cats.

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