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World Baking Day- May 17

Now is the time to dig in the drawer and take out the rolling pin, make a pastry, and celebrate the World Day of baking!
The World Baking Day is held every year on the third Thursday of May, where you can prepare everything baked in the oven - cakes, cookies, pies, pies, rolls, bread and any pastry that comes to your mind.

Baking is a method of preparing food by heating the oven oven compartment with the food inside it.

When it comes to baking, it is usually baking bread, cakes or meat.

This method of preparing food has existed since prehistoric times when humans began baking bread.

During baking, cooked food loses fluids and dries. Different baking methods solve this problem, which can lead to the burning of the food by adding liquids (sauce) during baking, around the baked food or on it, or by covering the surface of the food with an oily substance such as oil or butter to reduce the loss The liquids.

Baking is usually done in the oven. The oven is electrically heated, cooking gas, or other heating materials. There are baking styles that are not using an oven, which uses a hot fire blaze, hot stones placed in a hole or a hot metal plate.

How to celebrate World Baking Day?

Surprise friend, neighbor or relative with a delicious sweet or savory baked treat and let them know how much you care about them.

Quiche Lorraine Day- May 20

Quiche Lorraine is a pastry dough topped with cheese, butter, foie gras and onions. It is believed that the origin of the Lorraine is in the rural region of Lorraine, France.
Originally, Quiche Lauren was kneading an open cake of bread dough filled with pudding and smoked bacon.
To cook the original tap, use a cast iron pan.

When I was a child, a long time ago in the 1980s, my mother used to make quiche loren according to the budget, you could call it Quiche Lauren for the poor: with yellow cheese, white fried onions and pastrama. True, it was not the same but it was delicious!
Despite our in-depth research, we did not find the reason why this day was chosen as Quiche Lauren's day, but still, in honor of May 20, it is today to find a recipe and prepare a quiche Lorraine for the whole family. And if you don't eat meat, you can use vegetarian sausages.

May 20 is also World Bee Day

Pie Pastry Day - January 23

National Pie Day is an annual celebration of the pie pastry that takes place annually in the United States on January 23rd. Do not confuse pie day with pie day, which takes place on March 14.
The founder of Pie Day is a nuclear scientist, brewer and teacher named Charlie Papazian of Boulder, Colorado, who announced in the mid-1970s his personal birthday, January 23, as Pie Day. Since 1986 it has become a national day under the auspices of the American Pie Council.
In 2014, the American Pie Council collaborated with the film company Paramount to promote Pie Day and the romantic thriller film “Labor Day” which features a pie-making scene that appears prominently (the film was also released a few days after National Pie Day).

The Pie Board has distributed a poster of the film to pie shops and bakeries where the stars of the film, Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin and Gatlin Griffith are seen in the cake making scene. The choice of film to promote Pie Day has been criticized because the film tells the story of a fugitive killer who kidnaps from the supermarket a single mother and son and imprisons them in their home. Although a close bond is formed between them where they, among other things, make a pie together, but still, the choice is problematic. The poster reads: "It makes the time we spend together, just a little sweeter. Pie. Catch a slice of life."

The pie is a pastry in a round pan with low sides that are filled with salty or sweet fillings. The pie can be used as a cake with fruit, whipped cream, cheese, chocolate, custard, nuts, etc., or as a pie with meat or meat substitutes, fish, vegetables and more.
How to celebrate Pie Day?
Of course the best way to celebrate Pie Day is to eat your favorite pie, at home or in a cafe. Many cafes serve a pie with a savory filling or a sweet dessert with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream next to it. If you are in the US, there are many businesses that offer slices of pie in honor of Pie Day at special discounts or even for free when buying a meal, you can see the list here.

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