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Santiago of the seas coloring Pages

Drawings of Santiago of the SeasSantiago of the Seas is an American animated television series broadcast on the Nickelodeon channel, Nick Junior. The series follows Santiago (Santi), an 8-year-old pirate, and his crew as they embark on rescues, uncovering hidden treasures and keeping the open sea safe. The episodes are embedded in words in the Spanish language and you can learn from it about Latino-Caribbean culture.

The characters in the series are: Santiago Montes the main protagonist, Tomas the cousin of Santiago who has a magic guitar, Lorelai the mermaid who can become a human girl, the evil pirate Bonnie Bones and her parrot Sir Butterscotch.
Here are coloring pages of the characters in the Santiago of the seas series that you can paint for your enjoyment.
Printable coloring sheets for free you can come back to print and color again and again. Below you will find Santiago of the seas coloring pages which you can paint for your enjoyment. Choose the coloring page of  Santiago of the seas you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. You can also save the coloring page in your computer and print later. Have fun!

Santiago of the seas drawings
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Santiago of the Seas Season 1

Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19th

Ahoy, everyone!
September 19 is a day of talk like an international pirate (ITLAPD). It is a Parodic holiday created in 1995 by John Light (Chumbucket OL) and Mark Summers (Captain Sluffy) from Albany, Oregon, USA.
This holiday has also become the feast of members of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Church.
According to Summers, this holiday came into being as a result of a sports injury. During a tennis match between Summers and Light, one of them reacted to the pain with an outburst of "Aiarrrrr!", And so the idea was born. The game in which the injury occurred took place on June 6, 1995, but to make it easier for them to remember the date, they chose the date of the birthday of the former wife of Summers.
The inner joke between the two friends gained exposure when Bauer and Summers sent a letter telling of their invention to Dave Barry, a popular humorist in the United States in 2002, and he liked the idea and declared it an international holiday. Baur and Summers began to sell books and shirts related to this day and in a viral way, the holiday became a famous holiday all over the world. In 2006, Orr and Summers appeared on ABC's reality TV show "Wife Swap" as a family of pirates.

If you want to celebrate the day of talk like a pirate, get a few words in the pirate language:
Ahoy! - Hello
Aye! - Yes
Ai! - Yes Yes! (Eg "Ai Captain!" - "I'll do it immediately Captain!")
Arrr! - Yes enthusiastically
Arrrg! - A cry of pain
Avast! - stop and stop, enough, no way!

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