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Repeat Day- June 3

Repeat Day, Repeat Day, is the day to do, is the day to do things again and again, things again and again, again and again, again and again.   
On June 3, we celebrate the repeat day. 

Repeated things in our life. The repeat of actions contribute us to the feeling of framework, control and order. We get up in the morning, get dressed, brush teeth, drink coffee, get stuck in traffic, and so on. 
Everything repeats itself and everything familiar and sometimes something come to break the routine, but overall it also gives us confidence. 
How to celebrate the Repeat Day? Do something you already did. Look again a movie you liked, go again somewhere you love and you were in. Eat again food that you like. In short, you do again something you already did. 
You can also watch the movie "Groundhog Day", which is the 1993 film in which the main character is stuck in a time warp that makes him get up every day to the morning of yesterday.   

Have a good day! Have a good day!
 June 3 is also World Bicycle Day

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