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Pirozhki Day- October 8th

On 8 October, the International Day of Pirozhki is celebrated. The Pirozhki is a stuffed pastry dish originating in Eastern Europe.
The Pirozhki is a bun of fried or baked yeast dough filled with meat, potatoes, cabbage, onions, eggs, fish, steamed vegetables and more.
This is how it is written in Russian: пирожки.
There are different styles in different kitchens, such as in the Caucasian kitchen where they are usually filled with potatoes and sold as fast food.
Balkan cuisine fills it with different things and sells it mainly as fast food. In the Balti kitchen it becomes a crescent shaped (like croissant), made from baked bread dough, and filled with onions and pork, potatoes, mushrooms and cabbage. Latvians also serve sweet versions of Pirozhki.
In Central Asian countries, such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, the Persian is a popular fast food that they knew from the Russians. People of non-Russian origin also prepare a verse at home.
In Mongolia, too, they like to make piroshki in many houses.
In the Romanian kitchen there is a dish with a similar name, Piroşcă, which is deep-fried dough with fried onions and stuffed with potatoes. The Pirozhki is served hot or very hot.

October 8th is also Octopus Day

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