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National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day- June 13

June 13 is the day  that dedicated annualy to those of us who find it difficult to function in the kitchen (as cooks, not as eaters). For people who have left hands and utter incompetence when it comes to cooking, baking and food preparation.

When I look at my friends Facebook and Instagram pages, I see endless images of culinary creations. Impressive cakes, cupcakes, patties, pasta, bread and all the dishes in the world, of course, with very complicated receipes. It seems that everyone around knows how to cook and bake like a world-class chef. They are so successful and talented.

The date June 13 is dedicated to those transparent people, those who have nothing to be proud about. This is the day to remember that there are people among us who always spill too much salt or forget to spice, their cake will always rise and then get thin as plywood, they always put too much or too little water, always will burn them in the stew. So now embrace them and cherish them and tell them that it's OK not to know how to cook, and if they don't like to do it, they don't have to prove anything to anyone.

People who can't cook day

No Dirty Dishes Day - May 18

No Dirty Dishes Day is celebrated on May 18 every year, to give us all a break from the usual daily routine of washing dirty dishes after every meal.

It is not known who invented this day, but it was probably someone who did not like to wash dishes. He or she probably thought of how much it is Sisyphean: work hard and then enjoy a clean sink, and after a short time again see the sink full of dirty dishes because people ate at home. Annoying, isn't it?

So much money, time and energy is invested every day in washing and drying dishes, and then arranging them back in place, so one day a year is allowed to be freed from that need.

How to celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day?

There are several options to celebrate this day.

1. Do not wash the dirty dishes and wait with them until tomorrow. 

2. Eat outside so that there are no dirty dishes at home. 

3. Eat with disposable dishes (to be earth-friendly use disposable utensils made of consumables) 

4. Eat the food straight from the box, as in dishes that come packaged like pizza Or a hamburger and fries, or eating small meals that do not require dishes like a banana or a hard-boiled egg. 

5. Another option is to take the idea in the opposite direction and make sure all day that the sink is clean and shiny by washing the dirty dishes all the time. 

If you liked the idea, you can share photos and thoughts on social media using the hashtag #NoDirtyDishesDay.

special dates - No Dirty Dishes Day

May 18 is also Visit Your Relatives Day and Museum Day

Anniversary of dishwasher patent - December 28th

On December 28, 1886, the patent of the first prototype of the dishwasher was registered.
The dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane, a wealthy American socialite, who was upset that her servants were constantly breaking the family's expensive china during the wash.
Before Cochrane's dishwasher, there were two dishwashers invented by men, but they were very unsuccessful and in practice failed to clean the dishes at all. That's why Cochrane said, "If no one else is going to invent a dishwasher, I'll do it myself!"

The dishwasher she invented was operated manually, and consisted of a copper meter inside which a wheel that turned with the help of an electric motor. An iron mesh was mounted on the wheel, with space for plates, cups and cutlery. As the wheel turned, hot water was sprayed on the dishes with soap from above, and then only hot water.
Cochrane unveiled her dishwasher at the World Fair in 1893 and sold it to friends, hotels and restaurants, but housewives showed no enthusiasm for her invention and she failed to take off. Cochrane eventually sold her company to Hobart, one of the inventors of the popular "Kitchen Aid" brand. It was not until the 1950s that dishwashers began to be sold in the United States and by the 1970s they had already become standard in American households.
Josephine Cochrane died of a stroke or exhaustion in Chicago, Illinois, on August 14, 1913, and was buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Shleville, Illinois when she was 72. In 2006 she was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

In the photo: a stamp issued in Romania in 2013 with the character of Josephine Cochrane,
the inventor of the dishwasher

December 28 is also Card Games Day

Chefs coloring pages

Free printable coloring pages of cooks and chefs. What fun is it to work in the kitchen! This is the place to be creative and prepare delicious things that others can also eat and get excited about. What's the thing you like most in the kitchen? Do you like to cook or bake? Here you will find cooks coloring pages in all styles, of all kinds of foods.

Choose the coloring page of chef you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P.

Chefs coloring page for kidsChefs  coloring pageChefs  coloring page
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Woman cook coloring pageCat cook coloring pageBaking pizza drawing
Hello Kitty baking pie coloring pageBaker coloring pageChef woman coloring page
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Mickey Mouse cooks coloring pageChefs coloring pageRatatouille chef coloring page
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fat chef coloring pageBaker coloring pageChefs coloring page
Chefs coloring pageChefs coloring pageChefs coloring page
Chefs coloring pageChefs coloring pageChefs coloring page
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Cook and bake coloring page
Cook and bake coloring pageChef and Paris Ratatouille coloring pageCook and bake coloring page
baker drawingcook drawingCook and bake coloring page
Aligator cooks coloring pageChef coloring pageChef  coloring page
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Chef coloring page
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Chef cutting brocolli coloring page
What Do Unicorns Eat? Sweet & Tasty Coloring Book
Children Electric Dishwasher Playing Toy70 Piece Portable Dessert Stand
Picnic & Kitchen Playset

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