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Black Friday 2021

Thanksgiving is celebrated in North America the fourth Thursday of November. The next day, Friday, is called "Black Friday" and it opens the season for Christmas sales. 

The name "Black Friday" comes off the mark was customary in the books of accounts, including the red mark and expenses Losses and Gains black mark. On Friday, many retailers it would "go dark side", ie record profits. This is the peak day of consumerism in the United States. 

In contrast, many economists consider this day a great success of the inspection through the retail market in the United States. In the past this day was the busiest shopping day of the year, but on Saturday before Christmas, took his place. 

Accessories supplied by before Christmas are decorations for Christmas trees, greeting cards, Santa Claus dolls and more. In addition, there is a massive purchase of gifts for the holiday. 

Black Friday was indeed a black day for some people: In 2008 Black Friday, which falls on November 28, killed one employee of Wal-Mart in New York and another four were injured after trampled by the masses of customers stormed the store is opened. And the Toys r' Us store in California, killing two people in a shooting after what appeared to be discussion between the two groups of consumers. 

The term "Black Friday" was invented in the 19th century after the economic crisis of 1869, when traders were profits after major losses accumulated. 
If you're buying online, here are some recommended and safe websites: Aliexpress, IHerb, Amazonebay

Some consumer groups and environmentalists are boycotting this particular day and call it "Buy Nothing Day". They advocate that it causes people to buy unnecessary things and increased consumption is destroying the planet. Which side are you? The buyer or the boycot?

When is Black Friday next few years? 

November 26 Black Friday 2021

November 25 Black Friday 2022

Black Friday November 24, 2023
Black Friday November 29, 2024
Black Friday November 28, 2025
Black Friday November 27, 2026
Black Friday November 26, 2027
Black Friday November 24, 2028
Black Friday November 23, 2029
Black Friday November 29, 2030

Missed Black Friday? don't worry, after the Black Friday comes the Cyber Monday :)

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