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Toy Soldier Day - March 4

Toy Soldiers Day is a holiday for everyone who has toy soldiers, from small to large, from young to old. This is the day to take the soldiers out of the box, drawer or closet where they are hiding, play with them, show them off, compare them with other people's toy soldiers, buy new soldiers to increase the collection and most importantly - fight a toy war.
Kids really like to play with toy soldiers, and today when screens have taken over our lives, they tend to play more with soldiers in computer games rather than physical dolls. If you have children, it's time to get them off the screens and let them play with the soldiers' dolls which are usually made of plastic.

The history of Toy Soldiers Day
The Toy Soldiers Day was created by fans of musician Dr. Steele. Dr. Steele began his career in 1999 in Los Angeles, performing on the street in shows that incorporated puppets in a special style called steampunk.
Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that presents a world that is technologically based on mechanics and steam engines that also contain elements of fantasy and horror. The steampunk genre depicts an alternative world in which technologies such as digital electronics and the diesel engine have not evolved, and in their place the old technologies based on mechanics and steam engines have thrived. The "punk" component refers to a particular emphasis on the true nature of man driven by low instincts - lust, anger, arrogance, greed and jealousy. The scenery of the steampunk works is usually similar to the British Victorian style or the American Wild West. It consists mainly of cars, locomotives, telephones and other objects that look outdated. In the steampunk style you can find fashion, design, cinema and music.
Dr. Steele began his career in steampunk-style videos and later went on to perform in clubs and released several CDs. Dr. Steele's stage personality was very original - he introduced himself as a mad scientist determined to take over the world and become his emperor, which was also why Need an army of toy soldiers.

The Army of Toy Soldiers consists of four battalions: Toy Soldiers, Nurses, Toy Scouts and Engineers, and is currently led by 2 site managers, based in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Army was created on March 4, 2006, hence the decision to celebrate this date today Toy Soldiers Every Year.
The Army's mission is to advance Dr. Steele's philosophy on transhumanism, freedom of thought, and subjective reality, which he performs by so-called "occasional" invasions of theme parks around the world. When Dr. Steele's toy soldiers invade parks, they are dressed. In full uniforms appropriate to the battalion to which they belong. They are also famous for the charity work they do in military uniforms.
Poster for the recruitment of Dr. Steele's toy soldiers - Source
In 2010 Dr. Steele announced his intention to start working on a new album, called "Toymonger". However, in July 2011, after a long period of silence, he announced that he was retiring from music. He wrote this in a personal letter to the current head of the Toy Army. The military decided to continue as an organization, shifting the focus from advancing Dr. Steele to advancing the philosophy he presented, such as the creative importance of building your own utopian playground.
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March 4 is also Scrapbooking Day

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