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Clam Chowder day- 25 February

Clam chowder day is an unofficial, one of food days adopted by the United States.
Clam chowder is a soup containing the axis and oysters, sometimes even pieces of potatoes and onions. Clam chowder is not acceptable to add vegetables, other than carrot (mainly for color). If you insist, you can add a little above or a bay leaf parsley garnish. The origin of clam chowder is cold US states bordering the sea, where you can catch the oysters. The dish popular variously primarily in San Francisco, New England, Manhattan and more.

February 25 is also Kuwait National and Liberation Day

Homemade Soup Day - February 4th

 February 4th is exactly the day to warm up with soup, in honor of National Homemade Soup Day. Soup is one of the dishes that provide a rich base of flavor and history.

Before the era of modern transportation, soup was a product of foods available in the area. For this reason there are now thousands of soup recipes. Every region in the world has its own soups.

For example, Polish and Russian cuisine produce beetroot soups (borscht), potatoes and grove mushrooms - vegetables that were available and could be picked in the area. Fish soups can be found in areas close to the sea. In Andalusia, Spain, the gazpacho soup was very popular, consisting of simple ingredients that were found in the area: dry bread, garlic, olive oil, salt and vinegar. After Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 he brought with him to Spain the tomato and pepper and they became an integral part of the soup.

Many soups also offer medicinal properties. What was once considered a grandma's story, chicken soup, is now backed by the scientific community. Chicken soup helps relieve cold symptoms. Scientists believe that a soup bowl may reduce pneumonia because it slows down the activity of the white blood cells that cause inflammation. They could not pinpoint the exact ingredients that help fight inflammation, and could be a question mostly of vegetables. (source)

But that's not all that homemade soup does. Every cook knows the most important ingredient that goes into any boiling soup pot. They keep the ingredient in the place where it does the best job. While they work, they season the soup wholeheartedly and give it the right amount of love every time. Whether they add noodles or vegetables, spinach or cream to the soup, every cook knows that what matters is the love he puts into the soup. That is why homemade soup is the best cure.

Homemade soup is easy to prepare. You can put everything you like and find in the house and it almost always comes out delicious. You can add soup almonds, noodles or all kinds of snacks (but then it will be a little less healthy). Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten sensitive or anything else, you can always find a soup that suits you. Besides, homemade soup is one of the most delicious, comforting and fun foods there is - anyone want to argue about that?

How to celebrate Homemade Soup Day?

Tell us about your favorite homemade soup. Share a recipe or memory. Gather the family or friends to eat soup together or if this is not possible, sit down alone with comforting soup, inhale the fumes that come out of it and bring up memories.

February 4 is also World Cancer DayFacebook's Birthday and Sri Lanka's Independence Day

Black Day - April 14

Black Day is an informal holiday celebrated in South Korea by and in honor of singles.
This day is a continuation of the Valentine's Day that took place on February 14 and the White Day that took place just after it, on March 14. Black Day falls a month later and in which people who did not receive gifts on previous Valentine’s Day gather and eat soup together.
In South Korea, Valentine’s Day and White Day are celebrated by couples giving gifts to each other. Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14, when women buy gifts for men (usually chocolate). White Day is celebrated on March 14, when men return gifts to women, usually white gifts like chocolate or lingerie.
The two holidays that follow Holidays Day are holidays created by the South Korean government. The invention of the holidays is also attributed to marketers.

Black Day customs
On Black Day, all the bachelors who did not receive gifts on the previous two Love Days gather together dressed in black and eat black food, especially Jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce). During the meal they complain about the lack of intimate relationships and chocolate gifts.
Celebrating Black Day in South Korea (Link)
While this day sounds depressing, it is greatly promoted by businesses that give it special discounts on all sorts of items. This is a day where special events are held for singles, such as speed dating, various competitions and all sorts of fun things designed for singles.

April 14 is also Dolphin Day

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