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Yoga Day-21 June

Yoga has many health benefits. It improves flexibility, contributes to balance and stability of the body, builds muscles, increases circulation, strengthens the immune system, helps regulate blood pressure, helps to concentrate and sleep better and more.
The origin of yoga is Hindu philosophy. The word "yoga" means the union of consciousness and soul. A state in which the senses focus inwards and are not disturbed by external factors. Thoughts are concentrated internally and not distracted. Yoga is the way to reach peace and merge with the essence of ourselves. 

International Yoga Day was set by the United Nations in December 2014. The date June 21 was chosen because it is the longest day of the year in many countries in the world. 
How to celebrate World Yoga Day?  

The best way to celebrate this day is to attend a yoga class. Hundreds of schools around the world teach yoga and it is not difficult to find a place close to where one can learn it. If you know how to do yoga, this day is an opportunity to teach others and offer more people to do yoga to relax tensions and improve quality of life. A pleasant yoga day! 

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