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Apples Strudel Day- June 17

June 17 is the day of apple strudel, a pie invented in Austria, whose name in German is 'apfelstrudel'. As the name of the cake indicates, it is made of a coarse dough with apples in it. The dough is rolled up with crushed apples, nesting and raisins, baked in the oven and crispy, and served with powdered sugar and cream. 

The oldest strudel recipes are from 1696, in handwritten cookbooks in the Vienna City Library (formerly Wiener Studtbiilotk).

The German word strudel means a vortex, which describes exactly how the layers of pastry wrap the filling. 

The character Strudel @ - reminiscent of the way the dough is rolled. At home you can make a strudel easyily, using layers of filo dough filled with cooked apples. 

How to celebrate the Apple Strudel Day? 

Eat a hot apple strudel, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, hear Mozart (an Austrian composer) and sing a yodel.

 June 17 is also Iceland's National Day

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