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Back to school day- September 1

September 1 is the day many parents wait for during July and August: the day the children return to school. 

In most countries of the world, the school period starts on September 1 and lasts for 10 months, until the summer vacation, after which the children return to school and go to a class or kindergarten. Not only do the parents miss the school, many children also feel during the summer vacation that they have exhausted it and are bored with it and they miss the educational framework already. 

Did you know? Children say in the summer vacation "I'm bored" an average of 196 times a day.

So who invented the school? 

The idea of grouping students together in a central place to teach them existed in antiquity. 

In Athens, ancient Greece existed Plato Academy founded in 385 BC. Before that, in ancient India, the Gorgol was already in existence in the second millennium BC, and in ancient China it was the Shang Ziang School, also in the 2000 BC.

Back to school coloring pages for kids

School animated gifs

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