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International Sushi Day - June 18

International Sushi Day is celebrated on June 18. The reason for choosing this date is unknown. But what does it matter. The idea is great. 
International Sushi Day was first celebrated in 2009. 
How to celebrate this day? by eating sushi of course!

Some interesting facts about sushi: 
The source of the sushi is not in Japan - the sushi actually came from Southeast Asia, from the Mekong River in China, from fermented fish dishes wrapped in sour rice. The concept of modern sushi was invented in Japan by Hanaya Yohei around the end of the Edo period in Japan, a period in Japanese history that began in 1603 and ended in 1868 with the transformation of Japan into a modern one. 

The sushi started as a quick and cheap snack, something you eat with your hands, like when you watch a movie at a movie theater.
The wasabi we eat is probably not real wasabi - the real wasabi comes from the root of the wasabia japonica plant, not horse radish. The authentic Wasabi is expensive. The wasabi is usually served in sushi restaurants made of mustard and mustard powder, and a green color with artificial colors makes it look like the real wasabi.
The sushi became popular in Western countries in the 1960s.

Sushi animated gifs

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