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Umbrella Day - February 10

Umbrella Day, which falls on February 10, is meant to celebrate the invention of the umbrella, the plastic fabric parasol that protects us from the rain.
We all know that it is impossible to get by in the winter without a good umbrella. A good umbrella is an umbrella that does not break easily and does not overturn when there is heavy rain and some wind.
The Umbrella Day is a great time to say thank you to the umbrella that serves us during the season or to say goodbye to the umbrella / umbrellas that were lost or destroyed and are now late.

The word Umbrella in English comes from the Latin word Umbro, which means "shadow".

The history of the umbrella
The first use of the umbrella was against the sun, 3000-4000 years ago, in ancient Egypt and Assyria. The umbrellas were made at that time from palm leaves.

Ancient China began to use the umbrella 3,000 years ago, but not as a means of protection from the rain but as a status symbol for the social status of the umbrella owner. The umbrellas were a fashionable accessory made from a wooden frame covered with leaves or skins and decorated with symbols.

From 1000 BC to 400 AD, in ancient Greece and Rome began to use small folding umbrellas (in a 1design almost identical to modern umbrellas) as feminine fashion accessories.

In France, women began using the umbrella as a rain shield around 1730. Men avoided using umbrellas during this period because it was considered a disrespectful thing.

The first man to dare to use an umbrella in public was an Englishman named Jonas Navy, founder of Magdalen Hospital in London about 1750. For 30 years, until his death in 1786, he walked boldly with an umbrella over him and suffered ridicule and criticism. It was not until 1788 that more men in England adopted the custom of using an umbrella and then men all over the world began to do so.

The first production of umbrellas for the masses was in 1852, according to a patent of Samuel Fox, a resident of England. In 1928, a company was established in Germany that began distributing the folding umbrellas of Hans Haupt.

In 1934, the book Mary Poppins, by Pamela Lyndon Travers, was published about a nanny who flies with an umbrella in the skies of London.

In 1969 Bradford produced an island. Phillips from Ohio the first folding umbrellas easily.

In 2007, Rihanna's song "Umbrella" was released (from the album Good Girl Gone Bad).
Umbrella (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Remix) - Rihanna featuring Jay-Z

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