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Unfriend Day- 17th November

How many friends do you have on facebook? How many of them do you realy know and consider as friends?
The Unfriend day is the day to make your list of friends shorter and based on the quality, not the quantity.
So who are the people you should unfriend today? warning: this is an unfriendly post but with a humor. Don't take it seriously.
If you have a lot of friends on facebook, you probably know how it feels when you have more than 200 facebook friends but only 10% respond to your post. Unfriend those trolls! 

facebook troll
When you have too many friends, you probably know this annoying friends that post pictures of their kids sitting on the audience chairs in the theatre and watching movies. Every time it's a different movie but the same kids, the same picture. Unfriends those nuts!
You have thoe friends that when there's a post about something terrible that happened and they find it as an opportinity to advertise their business in comments? Unfriends those tactless!
You have those friends who post things like "good news coming soon" or "lol" and you don't understand what are they talking about? Hey, your wall is not a film trailer! Unfriend those mysteries people!
You have those friends who share posts about missing boy from 2013? unfriend those non-current- people!
You have those friends that when you write a smart and witty post and get only 4 likes, they post "I'm tired" and get 1,000,000 likes. Unfriend these popular people! they're only make you jelous!
I don't know what happens in your country, but in mine, when someone post something that smells like left political view, he gets curses and condemnation and people wish him to die. There is no freedom of speech in facebook. Unfriend people who are not tolerant to other people opinions.
You have those friends who post their selfie and write a beatiful statement. Okay, you're beautiful and smart. Unfriend these people- they only make you lookk ugly!
You have those friends whom you talked to only one time, and than you received a friend request from them and you confirmed and now you have to see all their lives in front of you, all their family, all the things they eat, all the places they're are going, like you care, Unfriend these people? who are they anyway?

You have those friends that write you "How are you?" In response to your uploaded image. What do you want? to start a conversation about my sucks life? ask me on private! Unfriend these annoying people!
So you deleted a lot of friends, and now you see that the number of friends got smaller and you don't know who you cancelled and who cancelled you, now you have to deal with this unknowing truth and maybe it's not such a nice feeling. But it's ok, you don't need fake friends in your life.

 November 17 is also Baklava Day and World Prematurity Day

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