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The 35th of May- June 4

Some people refer to the date of June 4 as the date of 35 May, based on the famous novel by Erich Kastner, since that June 4 is the day that comes five days after May 30.
The 35th of May, or Conrad's Ride to the South is a novel published by Erich Kästner in 1931.

The novel recounts the adventures of Conrad, a schoolboy whose teacher gave him an assignment to write an essay about the South Sea, believing that as the boy was good in arithmetic, he must be "lacking in imagination".

Conrad's whimsical uncle, Mr. Ringelhuth, leads him to a journey to the South Sea, accompanied by Negro Caballo, a talking horse. The journey, which starts inside the uncle's wardrobe, passes through bizarre places such as the land of the lazy, whose inhabitants refrain from any exertion whatsoever and swallow pills in order to avoid the effort entailed by chewing food. Other fantastic places through which Conrad and his companions pass include the Automated City that is governed by futuristic technology (such as mobile phones with vocal dialing that were considered science fiction at the time the novel was published), the upside-down world governed by children who educate the adults and reprimand their misbehaved parents, and so forth.
All these adventures occur on the 35th of May, which makes sense as that date is prone to be filled with miracles and wonders.
In honor of this special date, please buy Erich Kästner's book (The 35th of May) or borrow it from your local library. Remember, magic is reality on May 35. Nothing is strange on that day.

June 4 is also Old Maids Day

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