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Chocolate Souffle Day- February 28

Chocolate soufflé is one of the most delicious desserts there is. The soufflé is a light, airy pastry made mostly of protein foam. The original recipe for chocolate souffle appeared in the French book Le Cuisinier Moderne, by Chef Vincent Le Chapel, circa 1742.

The source of the name Souffle is the French word souffler which means "swell" or "explode".

In restaurants and cafes, a dessert is often served, called chocolate soufflé, which is a chocolate cake with liquid chocolate in it. This cake is not chocolate soufflé. It mainly contains flour and is therefore more stable. The dessert served in restaurants is usually chocolate fondant, which is also delicious in itself.

The soufflé is made from a batter or cream that gives it its flavor and a foam of proteins that give it the airiness and volume.

The soufflé is considered one of the most difficult pastries, and the great fear of it is that "the soufflé will fall" after investing so much in preparing it. During the baking process, it boils in the oven and remains in the apple state for about twenty to thirty minutes. A change in air pressure or a rapid change in temperature causes its fall. When removed from the oven, it loses its height within 5-10 minutes, so it is customary to prepare it "ah-la-minut" (shortly before serving it) and serve it immediately after baking.

The soufflé is baked in round personal patterns and is usually served in a pan, because it is so fragile and airy.

In honor of the chocolate souffle day, make a souffle from one of the many recipes on the chain, and if that does not work out, do not give up, who said that only today can you make chocolate soufflé? Chocolate soufflé can and should be prepared all year round.

In the photo: Chocolate soufflé prepared from a mixture of chocolate soufflé in 3 minutes (link)

February 28 is also Tooth Fairy Day and Rare Illness Day

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