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Bloomsday - June 16th

Bloomsday (originally in English: Bloomsday, Bloom's Day, and in Irish: Lá Bloom) is a special day celebrated every year on June 16, in honor of Irish writer James Joyce's book, "Ulysses", which takes place entirely on one clear day, in June 16, 1904, in the city of Dublin, Ireland.
Bloom Day is named after the book's protagonist, Leopold Bloom.

June 16, 1904 was a special date for the writer Joyce. On this day he first met Nora Barnacle, a simple uneducated maid, and fell in love with her. They lived together until Joyce's death at age 59. They only married in 1931, when Joyce was 49 years old.
The Bloomsday celebrations began in 1954, 50 years after that day in 1904. A group of artists and creators in Dublin, including writer Brian O'Nolan and artist John Ryan, along with Joyce's cousin, decided to honor Joyce's memory at the ceremony And on a pilgrimage to the book sites following Leopold Bloom. They named the event Bloomsday, after Bloom.
Among the sites they visited were the Martello Tower on Sandikov Beach, Davy Byrne's Pub and Bloom's home at 7 Eccles Street.
Bloomsday celebrations have become a tradition in Dublin, and many cities around the world have joined the celebration in memory of James Joyce.
Coincidentally, Joyce's brother, Stanislaus, died on this day in 1955.

How to celebrate Bloomsday?
If you visit Dublin on June 16, you will see people walking around in the clothes of the period in which the book took place, 1904. The Joyce Center in Dublin offers tours of routes that recreate part of the book's plot. Restaurants offer a special breakfast that day in the spirit of the "Calypso" episode, in which Leopold Bloom prepares breakfast from pork kidneys. Other activities on this day are academic conferences, plays and public readings from the book "Ulysses".

Pictured: The door of Leopold Bloom's imaginary home, 7 Eccles Street in Dublin. The house was demolished in favor of the construction of a new residential building and the door is displayed today in the center of Joyce, Dublin.

In the photo: the cover of the book Ulysses, a reconstruction of the first edition from 1922 (Source)

  June 16 is also Fresh Vegetables Day

Ireland coloring pages

Coloring pages of Ireland. Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, in north-western Europe. Here you will find coloring sheets of Ireland maps, flags, people, traditional costumes and classic Irish & Celtic Symbols like the Harp, the Shamrock -The National Flower of Ireland and more. The coloring pages of Ireland should be painted in bright, happy and vibrant colors because it is so rich in colors and nature but mostly the orange and green colors that together with the white color make up the Irish flag. On this page you will find a great opportunity to paint the coloring pages of Ireland as you wish. Coloring pages of Ireland flag, Ireland map, Ireland symbols, nature, animals and people. Fun coloring!
Choose the coloring page of Ireland you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!
PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥
printable Ireland coloring pages for kids
Beer and shamrock
printable map of Ireland and Irish symbols
Ireland map, pot with gold coins, horseshoe
Ireland kids printable flag boy and girl
Kids with Ireland flags
printable coloring pages ireland costume tradition dance Celtic
kids dance with traditional Irish clothes
Ireland coloring pages kids printable Ireland flag
Cupcake and Ireland flag
St. Patrick coloring page
Rainbow and pot of gold
Leprechaun Dwarf st. patrick coloring page
St. Patrick day - Leprechaun 
Eire coloring page printable for kids kindergarten
Eire coloring page

Animated gifs of St. Patrick's day

St. Patrick's Day is a Christian-Irish holiday celebrated every year on March 17 in memory of St. Patrick, the saint patron of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the British Montserrat and Newfoundland and Labrador provinces in Canada. The holiday signifies the bringing of Christianity to Ireland, the source of the use of a three-leaf clover on this day is because Patrick used the clover to explain the Christian trinity to the native inhabitants of Ireland.

Here are some beautiful animated gifs and glitters for Saint Patrick's day you can save and share to your family and friends.
​Happy Saint Patrick's day!

happy st patrick gifsaint patrick day animated gifs
kiss me i'm irish gif

good luck gif

pot of gold rainbow gif

happy St. Patrick gif
Pot of gold st patrick gif
clover leaf st patrick gif

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