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Biographers' Day - May 16

Biographers' Day is celebrated on May 16 each year, to celebrate the honor of biographers who teach us about famous people and their resumes that inspire us through biographies.

This day was set in honor of the first meeting of the writer Samuel Johnson and his biographer James Boswell on 16 May 1763 in London, at a bookstore near Covent Garden. They became good friends and almost 30 years later Boswell published the story of Johnson's life, in a book that became the most glorious English biography.

Biographies are the writing of a person's life history. The biography can describe a real or fictional person, but usually the reference in the biography is to the resume of a character living or lived in reality. The biographies can be written as a simple text and also as an expression of complex ideas and narratives. The biographies are not only the dry facts about a person's life, but also a description of the feelings and thoughts that accompanied him.

Biographies for children are a great way to teach them the history of mankind and its achievements.

Biographical writing has not always enjoyed popularity. Biographical conventions have evolved considerably over the centuries. The current version of the biography was discovered in the 18th century, and is closely related to the biography written by James Boswell, "The Life of Samuel Johnson." The biography was written in a warm, broad, uncompromising and exhaustively detailed manner, and discovered the new way of writing the biography by James Boswell. It is actually the one who formulated the biography format that has become very popular to this day.

How to celebrate Biography Day?

The best way to celebrate National Biographers Day is to read or write the biography of someone who has influenced your life. Is it a poet, engineer, businessman, writer or politician? You can also update old biographies of people you like on Wikipedia. If you are a biographer yourself, share the biography you have written. Post photos and share thoughts on social media using the hashtag #BiographersDay.

May 16 is also Sea Monkeys Day

Bloomsday - June 16th

Bloomsday (originally in English: Bloomsday, Bloom's Day, and in Irish: Lá Bloom) is a special day celebrated every year on June 16, in honor of Irish writer James Joyce's book, "Ulysses", which takes place entirely on one clear day, in June 16, 1904, in the city of Dublin, Ireland.
Bloom Day is named after the book's protagonist, Leopold Bloom.

June 16, 1904 was a special date for the writer Joyce. On this day he first met Nora Barnacle, a simple uneducated maid, and fell in love with her. They lived together until Joyce's death at age 59. They only married in 1931, when Joyce was 49 years old.
The Bloomsday celebrations began in 1954, 50 years after that day in 1904. A group of artists and creators in Dublin, including writer Brian O'Nolan and artist John Ryan, along with Joyce's cousin, decided to honor Joyce's memory at the ceremony And on a pilgrimage to the book sites following Leopold Bloom. They named the event Bloomsday, after Bloom.
Among the sites they visited were the Martello Tower on Sandikov Beach, Davy Byrne's Pub and Bloom's home at 7 Eccles Street.
Bloomsday celebrations have become a tradition in Dublin, and many cities around the world have joined the celebration in memory of James Joyce.
Coincidentally, Joyce's brother, Stanislaus, died on this day in 1955.

How to celebrate Bloomsday?
If you visit Dublin on June 16, you will see people walking around in the clothes of the period in which the book took place, 1904. The Joyce Center in Dublin offers tours of routes that recreate part of the book's plot. Restaurants offer a special breakfast that day in the spirit of the "Calypso" episode, in which Leopold Bloom prepares breakfast from pork kidneys. Other activities on this day are academic conferences, plays and public readings from the book "Ulysses".

Pictured: The door of Leopold Bloom's imaginary home, 7 Eccles Street in Dublin. The house was demolished in favor of the construction of a new residential building and the door is displayed today in the center of Joyce, Dublin.

In the photo: the cover of the book Ulysses, a reconstruction of the first edition from 1922 (Source)

  June 16 is also Fresh Vegetables Day

Short Story Day - December 21

There is no greater torment than to carry a story that is not told within you. ~ Maya Angelou

Love literature? Feel like you have a story you never wrote because you do not have time to write an entire book? Do you have a brilliant idea for a story that you want to write and you do not get it? Today is the day of short stories. Today is the day to get motivated and bring your story out. All you need is paper and a pen, or a computer or typewriter, whatever you prefer.

What is a short story?
As the name implies, a short story is a story that can be read at once, in a little time, less than an hour. There is no exact definition of what is considered a short story, but it can be between 1,000 and 20,000 words long.
The short stories became popular in the late 1700s and early 1800s, with the publication of Richard Cumberland's work, "The Poisoner of Montremos" and Washington Irving's works, "Disconnected from Life" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Both stories immediately became classics. More famous short stories were later written by writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Leo Tolstoy and Stephen King.

How to celebrate Short Story Day?
As we said before, the best way to celebrate Short Story Day is to finally write what has been on your mind for a long time. Even if you do not become a world-renowned writer as a result, at least give it a try. Whatever your idea, romantic story, fantasy, horror, suspense, detective mystery or little anecdote, just put it down on paper. Who knows, you might find that you really enjoy it and keep writing more short stories until you can put out an entire book, a collection of your short stories?
Another way to celebrate Short Story Day is to read short stories. 
If this literary genre appeals to you, you can sign up for workshops that teach short story writing.
And do not forget to publish the story you wrote. Today it is possible to publish short stories on blogs, social networks, short story competitions and more.

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