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Night of Guy Fawkes- November 5

The night of the gunpowder is the night of firecamps and firecrackers in the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Newfoundland, Canada, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Australia, to celebrate the failure of the gunpowder plot, a plot of Catholic rebels led by Guy Fawkes, to kill England King James I by bombing the House of Lords in London.

The night of the bonfire is also called Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night and Plot Night.

It is an informal holiday in which it is customary to light bonfires and eat roasted potatoes in a bonfire wrapped in aluminum foil. They also fire fireworks and burn dolls in the form of Guy Fawkes, who was the gunpowder expert that was supposed to detonate the bomb he had prepared in the basement of the House of Lords.

  The children have a favorite holiday: they eat a candy called "bonfires toffee" near the fire, a caramel apple and a Perkin cake.

In Australia, Guy Fawkes' night was celebrated with a lot of fireworks, so they called it "Cracker Night". In the 1960s, Australian states banned free fireworks from the general public because of the danger, and since then the popularity of the holiday has faded. In New Zealand to this day to this day celebrate with fireworks.

What was the gunpowder plot?

The Gunpowder Plot was an attempt by a group of Catholic extremists to murder King James I of England, his family and most of the Protestant aristocracy by blowing up the Westminster Palace in 1605 during the opening ceremony of the Parliament to obtain rights for Catholics.

They also plotted to kidnap and murder the king's children who were not present at the ceremony.

The original plan was to dig a tunnel from a distant basement to the House of Lords and place the explosives there, but at the end one of the conspirators, Thomas Percy, managed to rent a cellar under the House of Lords and there was no need to mine the tunnel.

Guy Fuchs filled the basement with gunpowder gradually, until by March 1605 there were 36 barrels containing 2.5 tons of gunpowder that could have destroyed all the structures in the Westminster Palace including Westminster Abbey, if they had exploded.

Fox's job was to blow up the barrels of gunpowder while his friends waited in Dunchurch, Warwickshire, for the consequences of the plot.

How did the plot fail?

The members of the plot group feared that the Catholics would be hit by the blast. One of them, apparently Francis Treshem, wrote on October 26 a letter to Catholic Lord William Parker-Lord Montagel, warning him against the planned explosion. Lord Montagall showed the letter to Robert Cecil, the Secretary of State. Following the letter, the palace guard searched all the basements below, until on November 5, Judge Thomas Kenneth, accompanied by an armed guard, caught Fawkes holding a watch and matches, and then discovered barrels full of explosives. Fawkes promptly admitted the plot with pride and was sent to prison at London Fort, where he gave the names of the rest of the group after being tortured.

Guy Fawkes and his teammates were executed on 31 January 1606 in the courtyard of the old palace in Westminster by hanging. 

Results of plot failure

The plot was intended to grant rights to Catholics, but instead the rights were revoked and they were accepted only after two hundred years.

More interesting facts about the failed gunpowder scheme:

Literary scholars believe William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" was inspired by the plot.

The word "Guy" in English - which means a generic term for a person - comes from Guy Fawkes, whose name was shouted at the bonfires.

  Every year, before the opening ceremony of the British parliament, members of the Parliament Guard conduct a ceremonial search for explosive charges in all rooms of the Parliament building.

  The cellar in which the barrels were hidden was destroyed in the fire in 1834.

The lantern that Fox carried in his hand while he was caught is being exhibited at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Link to Ashmolean Museum


The mask of Anonymous - the activists who want to remain anonymous, was inspired by Guy Fawkes' face, following the film V for Vendetta, which was released in 2006, inspired by the plot and used in this mask.

November 5 is also Love Your Red Hair Day

International Harry Potter Day - May 2

International Harry Potter Day is celebrated on May 2 each year, to commemorate the end of the Battle of Hogwarts, where many characters found their deaths. On the one hand, it's a happy day for the victory in the battle of Harry Potter and the scorching loss of Lord Voldemort, but on the other hand it's also a day of mourning for the departure of the all-important characters.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the day in 2012. Cameron issued an official statement announcing that the reason for the announcement of this special day was to commemorate the work of writer JK Rowling, who has significantly influenced culture all over the world. Harry Potter also holds the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling series by a single writer, with more than 500 million copies.

Some interesting facts about Harry Potter

Rowling's magical book was rejected by publishers 12 times before being accepted by Bloomsbury Books.

Rowling began writing Harry Potter in her apartment at Clapham Junction in London. The idea for the series originally came to her on train from Manchester to London.

In addition to the Harry Potter series, Rowling also writes fictional crime books under the pen name Robert Galbraith.

In 2020, the author, JK Rowling, donated a million pounds to UK charities, which help homeless people and victims of domestic violence, to increase their support for the most vulnerable sections of the popolation in the  coronavirus pandemic era. Rowling wrote on her Twitter: "Today’s the 22nd anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, but I’m going to be honest and say that it feels inappropriate to talk about fictional deaths today. Too many people are losing loved ones in the real world"

Harry Potter's birthday falls on July 31 (read more).

How to celebrate Harry Potter Day?

Enjoy the Harry Potter books or movies at home.

Visit the official Harry Potter website where you will find activities related to the world of Harry Potter's magic and sorcery. Link to official website. You can join the official fan club through the site and discover new things published by JK Rowling, and read more about the world of wizards.

Have a trivia evening with family or friends about Harry Potter. Play trivia games and find out who knows the most about Harry Potter and the rest of the characters and stories in the series.

Have a Harry Potter theme party, with Harry Potter costumes and a set design that fits the series.

Make Harry Potter-themed DIY creations, like Harry Potter sculptures from all kinds of materials you have in the house, make decorated Harry Potter themed cakes, special-colored drinks reminiscent of Harry Potter potions and everything you love about the series.

Publish Harry Potter posts and photos on social media with the hashtag #harrypotterday


May 2 is also Baby Day

Ireland coloring pages

Coloring pages of Ireland. Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, in north-western Europe. Here you will find coloring sheets of Ireland maps, flags, people, traditional costumes and classic Irish & Celtic Symbols like the Harp, the Shamrock -The National Flower of Ireland and more. The coloring pages of Ireland should be painted in bright, happy and vibrant colors because it is so rich in colors and nature but mostly the orange and green colors that together with the white color make up the Irish flag. On this page you will find a great opportunity to paint the coloring pages of Ireland as you wish. Coloring pages of Ireland flag, Ireland map, Ireland symbols, nature, animals and people. Fun coloring!
Choose the coloring page of Ireland you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!
PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥
printable Ireland coloring pages for kids
Beer and shamrock
printable map of Ireland and Irish symbols
Ireland map, pot with gold coins, horseshoe
Ireland kids printable flag boy and girl
Kids with Ireland flags
printable coloring pages ireland costume tradition dance Celtic
kids dance with traditional Irish clothes
Ireland coloring pages kids printable Ireland flag
Cupcake and Ireland flag
St. Patrick coloring page
Rainbow and pot of gold
Leprechaun Dwarf st. patrick coloring page
St. Patrick day - Leprechaun 
Eire coloring page printable for kids kindergarten
Eire coloring page

Boxing Day - December 26

Boxing Day is a secular holiday celebrated on the day after Christmas, December 26, and its tradition is to give Christmas presents to people in low socioeconomic status, that is, to those who cannot afford to give Christmas presents. . Boxing Day is especially common in the UK and in countries that were once part of the British Empire. The name boxing comes from the word "boxing" - packaging, after the holiday gift packaging.

The origin of the holiday is in Britain, at a time when the servants would work throughout the Christmas in the service of the nobles, prepare and serve them the meals, clean after them, etc.), and only a day after Christmas would they receive leave and gifts from the masters. Christmas presents were called "Christmas boxes".
Another possible explanation for the origin of the holiday is a story according to which on this day priests broke the boxes for collecting donations in the churches and distributed the money to the poor.
Nowadays it is customary on Boxing Day to give annual donations to charity, and in addition, in the UK in particular, it is a day of many discounts and promotions in stores, so it has become a day of shopping.

How to celebrate Boxing Day?
You can donate to charities or charities or just buy a gift for someone you love, and you can also take advantage of this day to shop at sites abroad that give significant discounts like asos, amazon, ebay, Aliexpress etc.

December 26 is also Kwanzaa Day

Date Nut Bread- December 22

Date Nut Bread is a traditional dish eaten in Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

The first recipes published fordate nut bread are from the 1920s, but it is known that bread with fruits has been baked hundreds of years earlier.

The date nut bread has a slightly sweet taste, so it is especially suitable for neutral-flavor spreads like cheese or butter, or sweet like jam, chocolate and peanut butter.


A recipe for nuts and dates bread:


1/2 cup pitted dates, coarsely chopped

3/4 cup boiling / very hot water

1/4 cups plain flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

3/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg (or cinnamon)

1/4 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature

1/2 cup light brown sugar

1/4 cup sugar

1 large egg

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 cup chopped pecans (or walnuts), plus 5-8 pecan halves

How to make: 

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease a deep elongated 9 x 5 x 3 inch loaf pan slightly and place the bottom baking paper.  

Soak the dates in very hot / boiling water in a bowl. Let it stand for at least 20 minutes. Then drain the water (leave the dates).   

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg. Put on the side.   

In another bowl of electric mixer (or manual mixer), mix the butter and sugar cups. Add the must and vanilla extract. Gradually combine the flour mixture. Add the dates and nuts. Mix.   

Transfer the batter to a prepared pan. Sprinkle up nuts.  

Bake for 45 to 50 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out almost clean.  

  Remove the pan from the oven to cool for 10 minutes. Then remove the bread from the pan and place to cool completely.  


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