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Laugh And Get Rich Day- February 8

Many of us work hard to survive financially, worry and do juggling to be able to pay for all our necessary expenses like mortgage, rent, water and electricity bills and more and more and more, the list just does not end there.
"Laugh and get rich" day is today to do something to improve the situation. Buy a lottery ticket, apply for a job promotion or a pay raise, invent a patent, initiate a startup, something that will make you make money and laugh all the way to the bank.
It is not known what the origin of this day is, but there is a 1931 comedy film called "Laugh and Get Rich" starring Edna May Oliver and Hugh Herbert, so maybe this is the day to watch it with family and friends.
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Belly Laugh Day- January 24

The day of Belly Laugh is a day of good and healthy laughter, strong laughter that comes from the stomach. On this day take everything in humor and just laugh at everything.
Did you know how good laughter is for health?

The action of laughter is a kind of light exercise for the body. The facial muscles are stretched, the pulse rate rises, the rate of respiration increases and a greater amount of oxygen enters the tissues.
Laughter lowers anxiety levels, improves the immune system and helps us maintain body strength and fight disease.
Laughter can distract us from problems that oppress us. Sometimes good comedies or a meeting with funny friends can get us out of unhealthy depression.
Laughter brings people together, breaks the ice and removes partitions. So laughter is good for communication between people.
Laughter relieves pain. Studies have found that people who suffer from chronic pain enjoy pain relief while laughing and pay less attention to it.
So if you want to laugh, watch comedies, funny shows on TV, meet funny people, watch funny pictures and videos online, or sign up for a laughter yoga workshop.

January 24 is also Peanut Butter Day

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