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Monkey Day- December 14

Monkey Day is an informal day celebrating the existence of monkeys and raising awareness of the theory of evolution and the scientific experiments done in monkeys.

It began in 2000, when an art student at the University of Michigan named Casey Sorrow wrote to his friend about the December 14 calendar that is Monkey Day. Then they decided to celebrate this day in works of art and comics on monkeys. They passed it on to other artists and started promoting this day on the Internet. Since then, Monkey Day has become an international holiday day celebrated in countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany and the UK.

Monkey Day is also celebrated at monkey parties, eating Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream, stories about monkeys, thoughts about our ancestors from the monkey and more.

In honor of Monkey Day, get some facts about monkeys you probably didn't know:

Monkeys can count.

Male Capuchin monkeys urinate on themselves to attract partners.

The Bonobo monkey, which is the closest relative to humans, is bisexual by nature.

Scientists have discovered that monkeys are sensitive to optical illusions, just like humans.

In 2011, Monkey was arrested in Pakistan because of crossing the border with India.

Sad fact: farmers in Malaysia and Thailand use monkeys trained in picking large coconut plantations.

In Japan there is a restaurant where Macao monkeys serve as waiters. Maybe it looks cute or funny, but I'm not sure they enjoy it :(

In the picture: Macao monkey as a waiter in a restaurant in Japan (link)

Capuchin monkeys show aggressive behavior towards people who don't help other people.

Because of its size and its threatening appearance, Gorilla has the image of a cruel and dangerous animal, and the film King Kong, which described the gorilla as a very aggressive creature, has increased its character, but in fact it is a calm creature that feeds mainly from plants (leaves, roots and fruits).

In Star Wars, they almost let the monkey play Yoda.

A woman from Colombia was raised by monkeys after she was abducted and abandoned in the jungle when she was a child.

A monkey's mind is considered a delicacy in some countries of South Asia, Africa and China.

Monkeys can pretend.

Monkeys clean their teeth with the strings they find in nature.

Research has found that the strongest screaming monkeys have the smallest testicles.

December 14 is also Roast Chestnuts day

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