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Polar Bear Plunge Day- 1st January

On January 1 of each year, there is"Polar Bear Plunge" or "Polar Bear Swim Day" in frozen sea water in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and England. 

Polar Bear Day is a new year tradition, a day where participants enter the sea despite the low temperature. 

In the United States and Canada have this day typically to raise money for charity. However, in Canada it is also a day of celebration of the new year. 

The Netherlands celebrate this day, the top of every new year since 1960, about 10,000 people collectively dive ice-cold sea water in the resort town of Scheveningen, the Dutch central coast. 89 places at beaches and lakes all over the Netherlands, every year, about 30,000 people participate in "Nieuwjaarsduik" (with subtitles: New Year's dive), with a record of 36,000 participants was on January 1, 2012. 

 Britain celebrated the first day of the year the "Loony Dook 'annual meeting in South Queensferry, Scotland. Thousands of people come to attend dip in the sea. Participants usually also regularly get dressed crazy-style event and also meet local parade through the city, which normally act as "LOONY" (crazy) continue the "Dook". The significance of the icy water baptism tradition on this day is that the new year may start throwing yourself into the cold water and then later on it will be easier. 

What fun it is to feel like a polar bear one day. If you come to a place where celebrate the plunge of the polar bear and want also to try, remember our people, no fat and fur that protect the polar bears in the Arctic cold. If you enter the sea, come slowly, your body will not go into shock, and worry about the hot and dry clothes after leaving and something warm to drink and eat.

People in Ballston Lake, New York, welcoming new year by Polar bear plunge -source: Youtube

January 1 is also Bloody Mary Day and Euro Day

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