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Sweetest Day- The third Saturday in October

The sweetest day is a day celebrated in the U.S. every year on the third Saturday in October.
This day was founded by confectioners from Cleveland who came together to mark people's love for sweets and for each other.
The first time the holiday was celebrated, on October 8, 1921, they distributed 20,000 boxes of candy throughout the city, to all passers-by, newspaper boys, the elderly, the poor and orphans, all to ensure they had a "sweet day."
From there the idea spread to big cities like New York and Detroit, where sweet day activities began every year. Many charities have embraced this day, such as the Association for the Prevention of Child Cruelty, which began adopting the sweetest day on October 17, 1940.

How do you celebrate the sweetest day?
It's very simple. You can buy yourself a favorite candy and eat it with pleasure or surprise someone else, like a co-worker or good friend, spouse or relatives, in a pampering candy like heart-shaped chocolate.
You can also buy a packet of candies and distribute to passers-by, children in the class or friends at work. If you work at a service provider, such as a bank or a branch of a communications company, you can sweeten the time of those waiting in line for candy or just put an open and inviting candy box on your desk so that anyone who passes by can take it.

Have a very sweet day!
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