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The Italian Republic Day- June 2

June 2 is Italy's Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica), a national holiday observed in commemoration of the institutional referendum held as a general poll in 1946, following the end of World War 2. 
On that day the Italian people were called to decide upon the form of government to be established following the defeat of the Fascist regime. The poll resulted in the overthrow of the Fascist party and the termination of the monarchy in favor of a democratic republic. King Umberto II and all other male members of the Savoy royal family were sent to exile. They and their descendants were forbidden by law to set foot on Italian soil.

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This prohibition was lifted only in 2002. Republic Day is commemorated in Italy by a grand military parade and a spectacular aerial demonstration. The parade sets out from the center of Rome, in the presence of the president of the Italian Republic, the prime minister and other notaries.
Parades are also conducted in other cities and towns throughout Italy.  
If you don't happen to be in Italy on Republic Day, you can express empathy by feasting on Italian dishes such as pizza or pasta, watching Italian cinema such as movies by Federico Fellini, listening to Italian tunes and lyrics, etc.

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