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Universal Children's Day- 20th November

If there is something that you can't argue about, is that children are the future of this world.
The children of today are the scientists, politicians, doctors and teachers of tomorrow. Today's children will inherit everything that mankind has managed to achieve since the beginning of its existence, the results of good respected deeds, but also the cruelty of war and the terrible failures.
Today's children are the ones defending the weak billed the future, concern for the poor, treating the sick and the elderly, and much more.
Today's children, who enjoy some complacency and a lack of worries, are the adults that will take a lot of responsibility and hard decisions to make in the future.
So there is no doubt that our kids deserve their own special day, like the day designated by the United Nations - The International Children's Day.
Children's Day was first announced by the UN General Assembly in 1954. Originally, They were two objectives for this day: first, to encourage children of all races and religions to spend time together, get to know each other and appreciate their differences, and the second was to guide governments around the world to pay more attention to the welfare of their young citizens.
Besides the Children's Day declared by the UN, different countries celebrate their national Children's Day on different dates, such as Hong Kong and China celebrate it on April 4, Bolivia and Haiti celebrate on April 12, Norway on May 17 and more.
Since the announcement of the International Children's Day holiday, he has been linked to many important issues. This year's theme, in 2015, is the commitment to prevent AIDS (HIV) in children.
Another purpose of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is to gain access to proper education for every child in the world, education that promotes the values ​​of peace, respect and concern for the environment.
happy children's day
How to celebrate World Children's Day?
The first way to celebrate this day is to spend time together with your children. Fun include quality time together with lots of attention and talks about positive things in our world such as friendship, loyalty, helping others and more.
Spend the day at home with board games, or you can also go out to the zoo, for example. If you decide to go with them to a movie, you should talk about the movie content and then redirect it to learn something positive like, who was good and who is evil in the film? Who won and who lost? What is the lessom we can learn from this movie? Of course it is desirable to reduce the use of this quality time smartphone.

Happy children's day
Today's children are cute and sweet, and we enjoy pamper them and try to give them everything they want, but they grow and mature, and soon, before we knew it, they will be those that will take the reins into their own hands, do not forget it and think every day, not just today, about the world we pass into their hands.

November 20 is also Africa Industrialization Day

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