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Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day - April 21st

Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day is a special day dedicated to the breed of dog that many people love to raise as a pet.

What is special about bulldogs is mainly the wrinkled appearance of their face. They have a short, flat face with lots of folded fur and that is what makes them such sweet and popular.

The history of the Bulldogs

The history of the English Bulldog is not so pleasant. Originally the breed was cultivated to help bullfighters in the 15th century for centuries. Hence the name of the Bulldogs - Bull+dog. The bulldog was used as bait for bulls because they thought that stimulating the bulls before slaughter would soften their meat. This practice also became a brutal popular sport in which bulls were bullied in bulldogs until the dogs and / or bulls were severely injured or killed.

In those years, bulldog breeders would encourage their aggression to brutally fight bulls. The average weight of a bulldog would reach 80 pounds so they would be strong and able to overcome a bull. Happily, the use of dogs as bait was outlawed in 1835. Since then, the bulldog's fighting ability has disappeared and they have become comfortable, loyal and gentle dogs. Their average weight today ranges from 50 to 55 pounds.

The modern bulldog is gentle, kind and has a stable temperament. They may be short, but capable of great power and are especially loyal and brave when it comes to their human friends, especially children. They can be great watch dogs. Their muscular and tense appearance can be intimidating and even though they are usually lazy, when provoked they are not afraid to show presence.

In England, the Bulldog accompanies John Bull, a fictional figure who symbolizes the country first painted in 1712.

In the U.S. Bulldogs are ranked fourth as the most popular dog breed. The Bulldog is also a beloved mascot used in sports teams, the U.S. Marine Corps, Yale University and more.

The French Bulldog is a small breed of English Bulldog originally developed in France. Among the theories about the development of the breed there is a belief that in the 19th century, women from England took small bulldogs with them when looking for work in France in weaving. In the places where they settled, the Bulldogs became popular as loyal rat catchers and they began to reproduce. The reason they were smaller is probably a genetic defect that actually appealed to people and caused them to reproduce.

How to celebrate Bulldogs are beautiful day?

On this special day, bulldog beauty pageants take place in many places. Bulldog owners pamper them with their favorite snacks and delicious stews. There are those who buy them cute costumes and toys. Other ways to celebrate Bulldogs are beautiful are to volunteer at a pet shelter, go for a walk with your bulldog in the park, it is advisable to visit a dog corner where he can play with other dogs. The bulldog is considered a relatively lazy dog, so a 15 minute walk will suffice for him. If you take him to the dog park, he will probably prefer to lie down and look at the other dogs. But not bad, he's still going to have fun.

And do not forget - if you have a bulldog, today is the day to take pictures of him and upload to social networks.

April 21 is also Kindergarten Day

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