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Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day - January 3

The chocolate-coated cherry day is a great day for a special and delicious treat: a chocolate-coated cherry.
The chocolate is delicious, so are the cherries. Another day someone said, "Why not combine the two together?" Then the chocolate-coated cherry was born!
The chocolate-coated cherries were born by the small, family-owned candy maker Cella in New York in 1929 and immediately became a hit. They quickly became a world-famous candy. Years later, in 1985, Cella was acquired by the giant candy industry Tootsie Roll. Today, 90 years after they were first made, Cella's chocolate - coated cherries are still famous around the world for their liquid and rich filling flavor.

How to celebrate Cherry-coated Cherry Day?
The best way to celebrate Chocolate Coated Day is, of course, to watch cherries in chocolate and eat them (alone or with family / friends / guests). If you do not have time, you can buy chocolate-coated cherries at a supermarket or candy store near you, or you may happen to have a box of chocolate-coated cherries bonbonniere in the pantry.

Chocolate-coated cherry recipe:

Rinse the cherries well. Leave the stem for them and make a fine cut at the bottom from which the stone is removed.
Cook the cherries in water with sugar and lemon juice for about 25 minutes. While cooking, carefully lower the pot to the sides from time to time so that the syrup covers all the cherries completely.
Remove the cherries from the pot to a colander and let them cool slightly at room temperature.
In a separate pot, melt chocolate (bitter or milk) using the Ben Marie method.
Dip each cherry with the chocolate stem and place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper or on a wire rack.
Refrigerate and transfer to a serving plate.

Enjoy the chocolate-coated cherry day!
Source: Taste of Home 

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