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Chocolate Chip Day- May 15

Who doesn't like chocolate chips?
Chocolate chips are a great addition to cakes, cookies, ice cream, pancakes, malawach, crepes, chocolate, coffee and even as a snack alone.

To celebrate the chocolate Chip day, add chocolate chips to all kinds of things as we listed earlier, or prepare something special with chocolate chips.
Chocolate Chip Day- May 15

You can also arrange chocolate chips in special shapes like smiling faces or write something. Chocolate chips can also be an excellent decoration for cakes.
happy chocolate chips day

Who Invented the Chocolate Chips?
Like many things in life, chocolate chips were invented by accident. It began with the first chocolate chip crate prepared in 1937 by Ruth Wakefield from the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. She wanted to make chocolate cake, but she was out of cocoa powder. So she mixed pieces of dark chocolate in the cookies with cookies. The cookies were a great success. In 1939, Wakefield signed an agreement with Nestle whereby the company would add its recipe to cookies for its chocolate packaging, and it would receive an unlimited supply of chocolate. At first Nestle added a small cutting tool to her chocolate tables. In 1941, Nestle began to produce the chocolate shaped chips. A few other companies followed suit.
Nestlé also has a chocolate chip brand called "Toll House" after the inn where the cookies were invented.

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