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Love Your Pet Day- February 20

Without judging or criticizing, it happens to each of us sometimes that he takes his pet for granted. Not that we do not love them, but it happens sometimes that because of everyday worries we forget to treat our dog or cat (or hamster, rabbit or parrot) a bit, forget to pet, say kind words, treat them a bit like a nuisance when you have to go out with them in the rain, and not even notice that the plate of food or water is empty.
February 20 is a special day for anyone who has a pet. This is Love Your Pet Day and it is meant to remind us of the existence of the cute and beloved creatures who live with us and love us unconditionally. Many times they have a hard time telling us what is bothering them and what they are missing, but in life they will not leave us and will not betray us even if we do not understand them.
Today is the day to observe love in a pet and appreciate all the love and joy it brings into our lives.
In the Western world many households have at least one pet. The animal can be a dog, cat, bird, horse, donkey, freshwater fish, reptiles and amphibians or any other animal that is raised for pleasure and emotional connection and not for exploitation.

Raising pets has a health benefit - studies have found that raising a pet relieves mental stress and lowers blood pressure. If you know someone who suffers from high blood pressure for example, recommend him as a remedy to raise a dog that will take him for walks outside three times a day.
Did you know that raising pets for fun was illegitimate and unacceptable until the 19th century? Throughout most of history in most societies animals have been considered inferior creatures devoid of emotion or thought. If you loved an animal in the Middle Ages you would be suspected of witchcraft and severely punished!

What made the dog an acceptable pet, not a working and guard animal, was their use as hunting dogs whose upkeep until the new age was allowed only to nobles. During the long hunting trips a close and affectionate relationship was formed between the hunter and his dog but it was still not acceptable to treat him as an animal that could be raised not for practical benefit.
In the second half of the 19th century, the urban middle class began to raise dogs and cats as pets and the hobby spread to the less affluent classes as well.
In the Victorian era, the pet became a status symbol. In 1859 the first dog show was held in England. In the 80s of the 19th century the first pet stores appeared in Paris and commercial dog food dry their ability to obtain only from 1920.
In honor of Love Your Pet Day, pamper your pet and give it special attention and preferably also a tasty snack. If you do not upload pictures of her to social networks at least once a day, it is today to share with everyone the last picture you took (preferably from the last hour) and encourage people to adopt pets that need a warm home. It is known that pictures of pets on social networks provide many moments of amusement that enhance the mood and are beneficial to our mental state.
Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day
Picture: A cat checks to see if he's cute enough today

February 20 is also World Social Justice Day and Handcuffs Day

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