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Father's Day- the third Sunday of June

Father's Day is celebrated in the United States on Sunday, the third week of June.
Father's Day is a celebration in honor of fathers and a day of expression of appreciation and love for the fathers in the society.
A father is the biological or sociological parent of a child. Father-child relations are the determining factor for the father's role.

Like mothers, human fathers can also be classified according to their biological, social, or legal relationships with their children. Historically, it was the biological relationship that defined paternity. But proof of paternity was problematic and often social conventions defined the paternity of a man, that is, the husband of the child's mother. This method of defining fatherhood dominated western society from the days of ancient Rome and was expressed in the well-known Latin saying: "There is always certainty in the mother, the father is the one whom marriage points to." (In Latin: Mater semper certa; pater est quem nuptiae demonstrant).

When is Father's day in the next few years?
Father's day 2021- June 20th
Father's day 2022- June 19th
Father's day 2023- June 18th
Father's day 2024- June 16th
Father's day 2025- June 15th
Funny cards for father's day- link

Father's Day greeting cards

Father's day coloring pages

Special gifts for people who have everything (or don't know what they want) - challenging games and toys for adults

Looking for a gift for father's day or mother's day or any other adult who has a birthday and doesn't know what he wants? 
Well, adults also like to play and have fun, so why not give them games and toys? Get some games and toys for adults looking for a challenge and not smartphones, which can be amazing special gifts:

A ship in a bottle of Lego-
This LEGO kit has 962 parts from which you can build an ancient warship in a bottle, with authentic details - cannons, staff accommodation, masts, printed sail elements and more. Link

The puzzle you will not be able to finish all your life - a 32,000 piece puzzle of 32 paintings by artist Keith Herring produced by Ravensburger. This puzzle is presented in Guinness Book of Records as the puzzle with the most parts that can be bought commercially. It costs a total of 350 dollars. link
Also there is a 40,320 pieces puzzle of Disney's Mickey mouse 90 years edition wite 6.8 meters width and 1.9 meters high link:
Lego coffee-
If you like Lego, there's no reason for you to give it up because you're grew up. This is a cup whose outer surface is a Lego surface and there are also cubes and figures that you can put together while you drink your coffee like an adult. You can also buy it for a kid who drinks hot chocolate.
If you want the door to be a challenge, buy that lock, just hope that the person on the other side doesn't have to go to the toilet while they try to open the door.

Colors for smartphone- iCrayon colors are cool colors you can draw on your smartphone and tablets! These colors are actually engravings, writing tools that do not really draw, but through the movement of engraving on the screen. They come in seven colors and are made of soft material. Draw on the screen and the image is saved within the app on your smartphone or tablet. Excellent for students and work meetings. Link
iPhone case with maze - Another cool thing to bored people is a retro iPhone cover, with a maze with a ball. The cover is also a shield for the smartphone and also serves as a toy game if you are bored or you are out of battery and you can not use your smartphone in the usual way. Just turn it over and try to get the ball to the end of the maze. Link

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