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Improve your office day- October 4

October 4th is celebrated worldwide as the "Improve your office day".
On this day, the office workers improve and upgrade their office environment.
If you have an old and shabby furniture, this day replace it, if you have a mess on your desktop, fix it today, if you have a dull and gray office, it's time to bring a potted plant, a nice picture or a cool gadget.
It is now the time to clean all the crumbs from the computer keyboard that fall there while you eat. Clean the computer screen and file old paperwork that just standing and occupies space.
Research shows that a pleasant good looking working environment contribute to effective and adequate work.
We didn't find the source of this holiday all over the Internet, but we found evidence that it exists and that is enough. Happy Improve your office day!

Nice and cool gadgets to boost your office:
Green grass pens
Albert Einstein Genius Bald Headed Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
Meta-U 4 Pcs Wall Climbing Man Strong Magnetic Key Holders
Otto the Otter Tape Dispenser
Pencils cup holder

Anne Taintor sticky notes
Desktop planter
Persian/Oriental rug mousepad

October 4 is also Vodka Day  

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