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Amnesty International Day - May 28

"To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity."
~ Nelson Mandela
Human rights have been a hot topic in local and international politics since the 1960s. Whether people fought for the right to marry the person they choose or put an end to injustices like child labor, exploitation of the weak, torture of prisoners and more. Amnesty International is an organization that tries to make the world a better place. The organization works to promote human rights around the world and raise awareness of various injustices and how our choices affect other people on a daily basis.

The history of Amnesty International Day
Amnesty International was established in July 1961 in London. Peter Benenson, an English labor lawyer, was inspired to set up the organization after hearing about two Portuguese students imprisoned for seven years after "raising a glass in honor of freedom". Together with Eric Baker, a member of the Religious Society of Friends, and many other intellectuals, including academics, writers, and lawyers, they wrote an article called "The Forgotten Prisoners" that appeared in The Observer on May 28, 1961. This led to a rapidly growing appeal. To an organization that will work to change the world and show that everyone is entitled to a system of basic human rights.

The tireless efforts of this organization have since been central to exposing human rights and labor violations to change government policies regarding their protection. Their work was not always popular, and its members were accused of everything from espionage (Russia's 80s) and protection of the criminal element (Moroccan government).
How to Celebrate Amnesty International Day
The best way to celebrate Amnesty International Day is to help raise awareness among your friends and family about the struggles of the oppressed around the world. The place to start is to learn for yourself about the places in the world where human freedoms are at the highest risk. You can also contribute to the organization and even join it.

The logo of Amnesty International.
May 28 is also Hamburger Day

Human Rights Day- 10 December

To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.

International Human Rights Day falls on December 10 every year worldwide. 
The day was first announced in 1948 by the UN to promote awareness of human rights issues around the world and highlights the UN's efforts to improve the human rights situation in the world. 
What looks obvious to us, was not acceptable in times when people did not have the natural rights we enjoy today. The philosopher John Locke gave the basis for determining the basic human rights which is based on a liberal. 

According to Locke the person is an individual, with wisdom and ability to manage his life and to take responsibility for his actions. Power has no authority to take from a man his rights. 
These rights are: right to live (whole body), the right to liberty, from which derivatives: Freedom of thought and opinion, which means an individual's freedom to form his opinion freely on any subject. This right must not stop, even if the opinion is considered dangerous and harmful, as long as it is not expressed externally. Liberty means freedom of conscience of man of his convictions morality and values, and to act or refuse to act on them. The right to act or refuse to act according to them, sometimes restricted. Freedom of religion (which also includes "freedom from religion"), freedom of movement, freedom of occupation. Freedom of expression includes the freedom of the press, the right to demonstrate and protest, freedom of speech. Intellectual property rights including intellectual property and materials, the right to a fair trial. The right to dignity, which are derived: the right to equality before the law, the right to protection from the language of evil (the right to reputation), the right to privacy.

December 10 is also Constitution Day in Thailand

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