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Facebook's birthday - February 4

Congratulations to Facebook, the social network that celebrates its birthday today. It seems to have always been here, but in fact it is only 17 years old.
The Facebook site was founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Andrew McCollum who were Harvard students.
At first only students from Harvard were allowed to join the network but on September 11, 2006 it was opened to the general public, and today it is the largest online social network in the world and is available in more than 70 languages, with over a billion users.
In honor of Facebook's birthday, get some interesting facts about the site that has become an integral part of your life:
1. The average user spends 40 minutes on Facebook every day.
2. People who have a smartphone check Facebook an average of 14 times a day.
The average user has 130 Facebook friends.
4. 600,000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook accounts daily.
5. One of the languages ​​offered on Facebook that you can change in your preferences is the language of the "pirates".
6. The first face that appeared on Facebook's Facebook screen in 2007, of a guy with a tough bluish look, was that of Al Pacino.

7. Some people were murdered for canceling friendships with someone on Facebook.
8. There are about 30 million dead people on Facebook.
9. Facebook has a feature that allows you to designate a person to manage your account after your death.
10. Facebook keeps track of which sites you visit, even after you leave it.
11. According to studies, 1 in 3 people feel more dissatisfied with their life after visiting Facebook.
12. Facebook's color is mostly blue, because Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness.
13. The "Like" button on Facebook was originally supposed to be called "Awesome".
14. Every minute 1.8 million likes are made across Facebook.
15. Mark Zuckerberg cannot be blocked on Facebook.

16. Mark Zuckerberg's salary as CEO of Facebook is only one dollar.
17. Since 2009, the sites Facebook, Twitter and the New York Times have been blocked in China.
18. Despite the block, Facebook has 95 million users in China.
19. Facebook does not allow the posting of photos of breastfeeding women.
20. When Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004, he bragged about people trusting him and posting personal information on his site. He called them "Dumb f * cks."
21. Facebook earns an average of $ 5.85 per citizen in the US.
22. In the UK, a woman was sent to 20 months in prison for creating fake Facebook profiles and sending herself abusive messages.
23. 8.7% of Facebook accounts are fake.
24. In 2013, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donated $ 1 billion to charity, making him the largest charity donor in the United States.
On December 1, 2015, Zuckerberg gave birth to a daughter, whose name is Max, and he promised at the time of her birth that he would contribute about 99% of the value of Facebook shares to charity during his lifetime.

26. Facebook spends about $ 30 million a month just on hosting the site.
27. Every minute the Facebook site is shut down, it loses $ 25,000.
28. In 2005, the website Myspace was in talks to buy Facebook, but rejected the deal because of the price Mark Zuckerberg asked for, $ 75 million, which seemed too expensive to him.
29. In 2009, one of the founders of Whatsapp, Brian Acton, was not hired by Facebook. Five years later, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $ 19 billion.
30. In 2014, a Minnesota burglar was caught after logging in to his Facebook account on a computer at home and forgetting to log out.
31. Any text you enter in the status box is sent to Facebook servers, even if you did not click "Post".
32. According to a study by a doctor from Ohio University, Facebook users have on average fewer years of schooling than people who do not use Facebook.

Internet Day - October 29

 Could you live one day without the Internet? Funny that we once lived without him and got along very well (at least we believed we would get along) and today we are not able to get along without him even one day. We need the internet for work, school, getting along on the roads, communicating with each other, playing and even for falling in love. There are countless things we owe the internet for!

The internet is everywhere. In computers, in smart cameras that follow us, in our TV, in phones and tablets and even in smart watches.

Internet Day is meant to celebrate the peak of computing and communication technology that has burst into our lives in the last decades of the last century and has since evolved until we became addicted.

The first letters ever transmitted across the Internet, which included only two computers, were "L" and "O". This is all the media they managed to transfer before the network crashed, and they had to reboot it to fix it. It happened on October 29, 1969 when Leonard Kleinrock of the University of California at Los Angeles and Charlie Klein of Stanford University tried to broadcast the word LOGIN.

The term Internet is an abbreviation of the term "Interconnected Networks", which describes a group of computer networks connected to each other.

Initially, the Internet was an initiative of the US Department of Defense. But due to international pressure, the United States was forced in the early 1990s to relinquish its control of the Internet. Today the Internet is run primarily by a number of international bodies made up of representatives from all over the world including academics, government, commerce and private citizens.

Each state can apply its laws to bodies and individuals operating in it online. Some countries like China, Syria and Iran are using this ability to restrict their citizens' access to the network.

In North Korea the Internet is allowed to be used only with special permission, and is used mainly for government purposes and by foreigners. As you can imagine, very few people are allowed to use the World Wide Web.

Most people and institutions use online services that are provided for free through an intranet (a private computer communications network, used for the internal activities of an organization that operates on Internet technology, to which access is only allowed within users within the organization) known as Kwangmyong.

How to celebrate Internet Day?

Keep using the internet as you like and owe, just dedicate some thoughts to the contribution it has made to our lives and to the one that once did not exist. Do not take the expensive internet for granted and whenever you get upset that you do not have Wi-Fi reception or the internet is slow, remember that it once was not at all. We would communicate with each other only through talking on the phone or face to face, sending letters in the mail that would arrive after weeks and developing our photos in print and arranging in an album.

October 29th is Wall Street Crash of 1929- Black Tuesday

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Google's Birthday - September 27th

The search engine Google is celebrating its birthday on September 27th.
In 1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, got to know each other at Stanford University and decided to set up a system for the World Information Organization.
They set up their office in an old garage. On September 27, 1998 Google was founded.
Today the search engine Google has 4.5 billion users in 160 countries.
Google is celebrating its birthday with users in a new doodle with a wheel of surprises leading to games and videos on a variety of topics.

Link to Google's surprise wheel

In honor of Google's birthday, here are some fun facts:

Google was originally called "Backrub".

In 1999, the founders of Google tried to sell their search engine to Excite for only $ 1 million. Excite rejected the offer.

Google has found GPA scores to be "worthless as criteria for hiring employees". They have teams where 14% of their employees did not go to college at all.

If you search for the word "askew" in Google, the content will tilt slightly to the right.

Google's first doodle was dedicated to the 1998 "Burning Man" festival, attended by Google's founders.

When a Google employee dies, his spouse receives half the salary from the company for 10 years, and his children receive $ 1,000 a month until they reach the age of 19.

Google hired a camel to create Street View in the desert. Link

Google earns $ 20 billion a year from advertising, more than the prime-time hours of CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX combined.

Every minute, 2 million Google searches are done.

Because Gmail first launched on April 1, 2004, many people thought it was an April Fool's prank.

Google has planned to scan all 129 million existing books in the world by 2020. But huge legal battles with the authors and copyright holders are delaying the plan.

On April 1, 2007, Google sent an e-mail to its employees warning that a python snake had been released from offices in New York City. This was not a joke. One of the engineers in the office actually brought his python snake to work and the snake was accidentally released. Link

Google's first computer case is made from Lego.

Google is working on developing a computer so smart that it will be able to program itself.

Google beats Facebook: This is the site with the most visitors in the world.

The name Google was mistakenly received. The founders misspelled the word "googol", which means the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Google prefers dogs to cats. Their official code of conduct explicitly states that they are a company of dogs.

On August 16, 2013, Google did not operate for 5 minutes. At the same time, there was a 40% drop in global Internet traffic.

Google has a translated version of the Klingon language, from Star Trek. demonstration
Since 2010, Google acquires 2 companies a month.

September 27 is also Tourism day

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