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World Joke Day - July 1st

A joke is a funny story with a surprising punch that makes anyone who hears it laugh. Laughter is good for health, creates a good and pleasant atmosphere and brings people together.
So many problems would be solved in the world if people had more sense of humor.

International Joke Day officially began in the United States and was later adopted by many countries.
If you thought the jokes belonged in the modern world, you're wrong. Get a joke from ancient Greece:
"A hairdresser, a bald man and a scattered professor set out on a journey together. They set up camp to sleep at night and decide that every few hours someone else will be awake to keepguard. When the hairdresser watches the camp, he is bored, and amuses himself by shaving the professor's head. Wakes the professor who's turn to watch. The professor touches his head and says, "What a fool this hairdresser is, he woke the bald man instead of me!"
Greece also boasts the first comedy club, though its purpose was to share jokes between friends rather than one-man shows in front of an audience like we have now.

It is likely that already the first person told jokes when he looked at his figure reflected from a water reservoir and criticized his messy hair.
How to celebrate International Jokes Day?

Tell jokes to friends, co-workers, family members, on social media and wherever you want. Finding jokes is not a problem, there are lots of websites with good jokes.
Enjoy the day of the jokes and remember that laughter is healthy but contagious, free but can sometimes be expensive and is also good for the diet - when you laugh for a quarter of an hour you burn 50 calories!

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