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Letter Writing Day - September 1st

When was the last time you held a pen in your hand and used it to write a letter on paper in your handwriting? Emails and text messages in apps are amazing ways of communication. We write something to someone and he gets it right away, but letters on the other hand are kept in a special and personal place.
Letter Writing Day is a special day that falls on September 1 of each year, when the dust is removed from the stationery, pens and envelopes and a letter is written that is sent by mail, not by computer or smartphone. It is also a day to learn the art of letter writing.
In this digital age that all messages are sent by electronic ways, it is almost inconceivable to sit down and compose a letter. However, according to studies, there are good reasons not to give up writing letters completely.

Here are some great reasons to write a letter:

This is a thoughtful way to communicate with those you love.
The recipient of the letter can keep your letter for years.
It has been found that people who write thank you letters are aware and happy with life.
This is a great way to strengthen a friendship, marriage or other significant relationship.
It can help someone better understand your point of view or your position on a particular issue.
Your older friends and relatives will cherish this traditional form of communication.
If you have a beautiful handwriting, this is a way to demonstrate your writing skills.
Another reason to write a letter instead of text or email is that it forces you to really think about what you are writing. Too often, we quickly send texts and emails without really thinking about the impact our words have on the recipient. With the help of a handwritten letter, we are forced to be more careful in choosing the words.

If you have never written a letter, all you need to know is the parts it needs to include. These sections include your date, greeting, letter body, closing and signature.

The history of the day of writing the letters
The day of writing the letters was founded by Richard Simpkin in 2014. In the late 1990s Simpkin wrote letters to people who were considered an Australian legends. He was very moved when these legends replied to him in a letter. In 2005 Simpkin published his book Australian Legends. His excitement at the letters that enabled the project led him to create a day dedicated to letter writing. To help promote letter writing, Simpkin does letter writing workshops in schools and encourages adults to take a break from social media and write a letter.

How to celebrate the day of writing the letters?
The best way to celebrate this day is to write a letter to someone. It could be a friend or relative who lives miles away from you or someone you have lost touch with over time. The recipient of your letter can even be your spouse, parent or best friend. Other ways to celebrate this day are to learn the correct method of writing a handwritten letter, to teach someone to write a handwritten letter, to read historical letters written by famous people and more.

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