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Hypnotism Day- January 4

Hypnosis is a fascinating field in medical science and psychology. It has a long history and can also be said to be dark in human history.
In the process of hypnosis, the hypnotized person, with the help of suggestion causes the hypnotized person to experience various changes in feeling, perception, cognition, emotion, physiological processes and even motor behavior.

People who have undergone hypnosis report that the process has created in them an alternative state of mind that is different from the normal state of consciousness or at least from a structure of increased concentration.
Hypnosis can qualify for a wide range of psychological and medical cases and treatments, including coping with pain, addiction, anxiety, weight loss and more.
Many of us as children tried to hypnotize others or hypnotize ourselves as a game. There used to be entertainment shows where the hypnotists would try to bring their hypnotists back to their childhood periods. 
January 4, Hypnosis Day, is designed to raise awareness of the hypnosis process and the positive effects that can be achieved through it.
Dr. Jack Stanley Gibson was an Irish hypnotherapist who lived from 1909 to 2005. He spent most of his career treating psychosomatic disorders through hypnosis. The first hypnosis day was celebrated in 2006, in honor of Dr. Gibson.

The goal of Hypnosis Day is to teach people about the process and dispel false myths like the idea that hypnosis can make people do things they do not want to do, like commit crimes for example.
The term "hypnosis" comes from Greek mythology. Hypnos was the god responsible for sleep. He looks like a naked boy with wings holding the poppy fruit that causes sleep and forgetfulness.
In honor of Hypnosis Day, you will learn about the process and its fascinating history. On its uses in the past and present and on its benefits and dangers.
A 19th-century photograph showing Professor Jean-Martin Charcot, of Pythia Sleptrier Hospital, illustrating the hypnosis process on a hysteria patient

January 4 is also Trivia Day and Braille Day

World Introvert Day- January 2

Are you introverted or extroverted? When you are in company do you prefer to sit quietly on the sidelines or show a stormy presence and be the center of attention? If the first option suits you better, Introverted Day is your day.
Introverted-extrovertedness is a dimension in psychology that characterizes personality. The dimension was defined by the psychoanalyst Carl Jung and is considered one of the most accepted dimensions in psychology and is used in many personal theories.

An introverted person is a person who directs his energies towards himself, as opposed to an extroverted person who directs them towards society. The qualities of the introverted person are caution, quietness, contemplation and restraint.
The introverted-extrovert dimension is a kind of axis that anyone can find themselves on. Each is on the axis closer to the polarized or extroverted pole to some degree.
Introverted people prefer to spend time at home, reading books or watching movies or in front of the computer, while extroverted people will prefer to go to parties and be the center of attention.
Introductory Day has been celebrated around the world by many introverts since 2011. German psychologist Felicitas Heyne posted on her website, "ipersonic", a call to mark a special day for the human introverted aspect that should be accepted and understood in such a noisy and colorful world. In response, a special day was dedicated to the introverts by various organizations that celebrate it every year and raise funds, among other things to help introverts recover from the holidays of the end of the year and the beginning of the new year and recharge their batteries after so many meetings with people.
Introverted Day has a special website that lists the activities for introverted people:
Introverted Day is designed to raise awareness that even quiet and introverted people have a contribution to make in this world and even if their voice is not heard much, they have a very important and large presence. Many times their activity is behind the scenes and they do not take the fame for themselves, even though they deserve it.

How to celebrate the introverted day?
The most appropriate pastime for the introverted day is a quiet and homely pastime such as reading a book, self-study, engaging in a creative hobby, sleeping and more. Take the time to learn about the introverted trait and know that you are not alone and that being introverted is okay. After all, it also has benefits: who like you knows that you can also enjoy being alone and that you do not need attention and compliments from others to feel good about yourself.

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