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Panic Day - March 9

On the one hand we are told not to panic. On the other hand we have a mysterious virus that threatens us all and causes tens of thousands of people in the country to be locked up in isolated homes. so what are we doing? Panic or not?
Panic Day is an informal holiday celebrated every year on March 9th. On this day it is allowed and even recommended to be in a panic. On this day we have to run around in a panic and tell everyone that we can not handle it anymore. This day was invented by Thomas and Ruth Roy from the Wellcat website a few years ago, along with a few other weird copyrighted holidays. According to the creators of the holiday, it was created in collaboration with the Falling Sky Association.

Panic is a sudden feeling of fear of danger. Panic can lead to sad, difficult and frightening consequences. Mass panic that occurs during public events can result in a disorganized escape that can lead to injuries and even deaths. This is why in stressful situations people try to stay calm and take deep breaths to avoid panic. As written in the cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Don't Panic, which is probably the best advice the author Douglas Adams has given to humanity.
The panic caused by the corona virus that is starring in headlines today can cause the shelves of retail chains to be emptied of essential products as we have seen in recent days, and of all sorts of scenarios such as a hysterical and dangerous escape from a corona patient or blue suspect.
The origin of the word panic is from the Greek word πανικός, from the god Pan from Greek mythology. Probably originated in legends about the god Pan who used to have fun in the panic of herds of aids and sheep, or the panic of people encountering him in desolate areas, or the making of strange and terrifying noises at night.

Panic creation has been an important tool in social revolutions throughout history. Many leaders have taken advantage of the past and are still taking advantage of the panic to advance their political goals because it is known that in such situations people operate in the herd method.
Because it is very difficult to avoid panic and stay calm all the time, and repressed emotions can erupt significantly in the future and even cause a nervous breakdown, invent a special day for panic where we are free to freak out and run around in panic when we tell others we can no longer cope.
How to celebrate Panic Day?
It is not clear why Panic Day is celebrated on March 9, but there is no better day for it than now. Today is the day to release pressures to gather strength to face the real and threatening situation of us all. Another way to celebrate the day is to learn to use techniques that relieve anxiety like various meditations.

Eduard Monk's Scream Painting, 189, is a Norwegian expressionist painter who suffered a great deal of anxiety and depression during his lifetime.

March 9 is also Barbie's birthday  and False Teeth Day

Hypnotism Day- January 4

Hypnosis is a fascinating field in medical science and psychology. It has a long history and can also be said to be dark in human history.
In the process of hypnosis, the hypnotized person, with the help of suggestion causes the hypnotized person to experience various changes in feeling, perception, cognition, emotion, physiological processes and even motor behavior.

People who have undergone hypnosis report that the process has created in them an alternative state of mind that is different from the normal state of consciousness or at least from a structure of increased concentration.
Hypnosis can qualify for a wide range of psychological and medical cases and treatments, including coping with pain, addiction, anxiety, weight loss and more.
Many of us as children tried to hypnotize others or hypnotize ourselves as a game. There used to be entertainment shows where the hypnotists would try to bring their hypnotists back to their childhood periods. 
January 4, Hypnosis Day, is designed to raise awareness of the hypnosis process and the positive effects that can be achieved through it.
Dr. Jack Stanley Gibson was an Irish hypnotherapist who lived from 1909 to 2005. He spent most of his career treating psychosomatic disorders through hypnosis. The first hypnosis day was celebrated in 2006, in honor of Dr. Gibson.

The goal of Hypnosis Day is to teach people about the process and dispel false myths like the idea that hypnosis can make people do things they do not want to do, like commit crimes for example.
The term "hypnosis" comes from Greek mythology. Hypnos was the god responsible for sleep. He looks like a naked boy with wings holding the poppy fruit that causes sleep and forgetfulness.
In honor of Hypnosis Day, you will learn about the process and its fascinating history. On its uses in the past and present and on its benefits and dangers.
A 19th-century photograph showing Professor Jean-Martin Charcot, of Pythia Sleptrier Hospital, illustrating the hypnosis process on a hysteria patient

January 4 is also Trivia Day and Braille Day

World Cancer Survivors Day - The first Sunday in June

Every first Sunday in June, cancer survivors celebrate life.
This special day is celebrated at various events around the world and is designed to celebrate with those who have managed to defeat cancer, encourage those who have been diagnosed and those who fight it, raise funds for cancer research and cure, support cancer patients and their families and more.

If you want to celebrate World Cancer Survivors Day, you can register or organize events on the site: National Cancer Survivors Day
When does Cancer Survivors Day come out in the coming years:
2021- June 6
2022- June 5th
2023- June 4th
World Cancer Survivors Day


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