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Use Your Common Sense Day- 4 November

Every day we encounter a case of non-use of common sense that caused catastrophe and unpleasantness to the people involved. For example, a person who died a few years ago receives a telephone bill, or an elevator sign that reads: "The blind have a voice-mail system."
Sometimes the mistakes happens as a result of lack of attention and sometimes because someone refuses to think ahead. One of the reasons for the failure to use common sense is pride. People sometimes feel an excess of self-importance that they think they can overcome the laws of physics and errors that result from this can lead to disaster. Sometimes it is simply a lack of thought that makes doing something stupid. Sometimes the reason is emotional - because we want something that we know is not good, we rationalize, that is, looking for reasons to convince ourselves that it is good and making the mistake. Sometimes the reason is simple ... stupidity. 

The origin of Common Sense Day
The day of common sense was created by Bud Bilanich, a famous career coach who focuses on being a "common sense guy". He has appeared on some of the most prominent television programs in the US, magazine articles and wrote 19 books on how to succeed in life and how using common sense is absolutely essential to success.
Common sense is an ancient concept that the first to study was Socrates and Aristotle, in ancient Athens. Socrates would ask passers-by in the streets about the nature of the world, to discover what the good, the beautiful, the material and the person. His assumption was that people's common sense would provide the right answers to these questions.
Aristotle argued that common sense is a built-in sense, a kind of superintendent of the five physical senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, and touch) that is responsible for drawing conclusions about the brain's stimuli about a substance.

How to celebrate the day of common sense?
On the day of common sense, you can read books or watch movies on the subject to learn what causes mistakes in the use of common sense and how to overcome the failures.
Try to remember when you have made mistakes that have caused serious consequences and how you could have avoided them (do not get into depression, it's a human error, but learning from mistakes is phenomenal).
Do not forget to start practicing thinking rationally before you do something and not be reckless and reckless.
Here are some funny examples of the results of acts done without thought and without the use of common sense:

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