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Chocolate fondue day- February 5

Chocolate Fondue is a hot dessert of liquid chocolate that is laden with bits of cookies, marshmallow, strawberries or any solid, tasty food that can be cut and dipped.  

The history of chocolate fondue
The original fondue is hot molten cheese, served in a special fondue bowl and eaten by several people together. The source of the fondue is from Switzerland. And is considered the national food of French-speaking Cantonese in Switzerland. The fondue is served to the middle of the table and the diners get long forks with which they dip the solid pieces of food, such as dry bread cubes or pieces of meat. Under the fondue pot or bowl, there is a wick that keeps its heat. The fondue was invented as a lot of foods, in difficult times when there was not plenty of food, to save food and eat leftovers that dried up a few people together and still enjoy.

Chocolate fondue is the dessert version of the fondue. It is a dip of chocolate ganache with a lot of sweet cream that is kept warm, which is laden with pieces of food and eaten with hot chocolate. Just a pleasure !!!  

How to celebrate Fondue Chocolate Day? 
One way to celebrate is to go to a cafe that serves chocolate fondue and order, how did you guess? Chocolate Fondue. A second way is to prepare a chocolate fondue, sit back on the sofa and eat with more people or even alone.  

February 6 is also World Nutella Day and Weatherman's Day

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