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Arbor day Coloring pages

 Happy Arbor day! Arbor day is  a day to say thanks to the trees. On this day in early spring, trees are planted to help our earth. The trees are important to the earth and we must have them if we want to live on our planet. Here are some coloring pages in honor of this important day and in honor of our beloved trees that give us oxygen, shade and also products like paper and raw material for furniture and more. Arbor day is celebrated in a lot of countries around the world, depend on whenever the season is good for planting trees.

Choose the coloring page you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoymentTo print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P.
Girl planting tree coloring pagesColoring pages of Arbor day
Arbor day Coloring pages to print for freeColoring page of trees- arbor day
coloring pages to print of trees- Happy Arbor dayArbor day trees coloring pages to print for free
Arbor day printable coloring pages
Happy Arbor day printable coloring pagesTrees arbor day coloring pages free to print
happy arbor day coloring pages

Happy Arbor Day greeting cards

 Here are some greeting cards for Arbor day to share with your friends and family on the net.

Happy Arbor Day greeting cardsHappy Arbor Day greeting cards
Happy Arbor Day greeting cardsHappy Arbor Day greeting cards
Happy Arbor Day greeting cardsHappy Arbor Day greeting cards
animated gif Happy Arbor Day greeting cards

International Raccoon Appreciation Day - October 1st

The International Raccoon Appreciation Day is a holiday in honor of the cute raccoons, which are considered by many to be harmful or annoying, but are actually an important part of our ecosystem.

The raccoon lives mainly in North America and Europe. In the US many of them can be found in urban areas.

Raccoon Appreciation Day is designed to teach us about the benefits that raccoons bring to the ecosystem and how they are beneficial to the environment: they help maintain cleanliness because they eat carrion, they prevent the culture of harmful animals by eating them, they scatter seeds of nuts and fruits as they eat and thus spread them .

The idea to create a special day in honor of the raccoons was proposed by a girl from California in 2002. She saw that although many refer to raccoons as a nuisance, there are also those who love them and want to keep them. In the United States even raccoons are allowed to be kept as pets and many people adopt them. She decided to create this day to show the positive sides that raccoons have and the role they play in the ecosystem. At first the day was celebrated only in the United States and in the following years the idea was adopted by more countries in the world and it became International Raccoon Evaluation Day.

Raccoons live in a diverse climate, and in rural, urban and suburban areas. Despite the loss of their habitats in the wild, their population continued to grow in North America.

Six species of raccoons live in North and South America. The Common Raccoon is the most common species of raccoon in North America. Other raccoons live in the more southern regions such as the Crab-eating raccoon that lives in Central and South America, and the pygmy raccoon (Cozumel raccoon) that lives only on the island of Cozumel west of the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The pygmy raccoon is in serious danger of extinction in the wild because of all sorts of human developments that have increased tourism and thus reduced its habitats and also because of illegal hunting.

Raccoons are omnivores that eat both animals and plants. Among their foods are turtles, snails, worms, rabbits, waterfowl, frogs, nesting birds, eggs, mollusks, compost, grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. On the one hand they help get rid of garbage and on the other hand they also steal pet food in residential areas.

Raccoons have many receptors on their hands that allow them to identify their food through the sense of touch without seeing it and also to find food in streams. When they wash their hands before eating, the water stimulates the nerve endings in them and they feel better about their food. This is why the raccoon is also called a "washing bear". Even when the raccoons are eating, they are constantly busy holding and feeling their food.

The black "mask" around their eyes is known to help them see better because it absorbs light and reduces glare. Raccoons reach a length of 40 to 70 cm and a weight of 4 to 26 kg.

Raccoon as a pet (source)

Raccoons tend to live in burrows in trees or caves, but also in barns and abandoned buildings.

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that sleep during the day, and in the winter months they sleep much longer, although they do not go into hibernation like bears.

The birth period of raccoons is in early summer. Their launch contains one to seven raccoons for pregnancy. They live up to 7-16 weeks with their mothers. At the age of 8 months to a year they become completely independent.

How to celebrate International Raccoon Appreciation Day?

On International Raccoon Day, you will learn about raccoons. You can go visit zoos to see them or even adopt a raccoon as a pet. You can watch movies starring raccoons like Over The Hedge of Dreamworkds or the Japanese movie Pom Poko. You can watch funny movies with raccoons on Youtube. You can draw or color raccoons. You can find a lot of things to do with raccoons this day but the most important thing is that you will appreciate these lovely animals!

October 1 is also International Coffee Day

Arbor Day - The last Friday in April

Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant trees. The holiday takes place in many countries around the world, usually in the spring, on a date that varies according to the climate and the appropriate planting season.
Why plant trees?
Trees fight climate change and global warming because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. In just one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of carbon produced by a standard gas-powered car traveling 42,000 miles. The trees also clean the air, keep buildings and property shady and cool, and protect against chemical pollution.

The trees save water by giving shade to the lawns and passing the moisture in the air. They prevent soil erosion and help prevent water pollution.
Trees also provide habitats for many animals and even other plants, and they give us nuts, seeds and fruits that we and other animals eat. From the trees we also produce products that are used by us to create paper, furniture and even houses.
There are many more positive aspects to trees, including their beauty that also contributes to our mood and mental health. Studies have found that an environment where there are manicured and green trees reduces depression among the people who live in it.
A holiday for trees, where it is especially customary to plant trees, takes place in many different countries. In the United States, Planting Day (Arbor Day) is held on the last Friday of April. In other countries, this important day is celebrated on other dates, depending on the appropriate season for planting.

The history of Arbor Day
From the history of planting day one can learn that the importance of trees to the world was known centuries ago, because the first time Arbor Day was held was in 1805 in a small village in Spain called Villanova de les Sierra. The local pastor led the efforts to hold a tree planting holiday and the whole town joined.
The first American Arbor Day was held in the city of Nebraska, in the state of Nebraska, in 1872. It is estimated that more than a million trees were planted in Nebraska that day!
How to celebrate Tree Day?
If you are in a country where Tree Day is celebrated, join the celebration and plant a tree yourself. If not, it's still a good day to raise environmental awareness and teach the importance of trees and their contribution to the planet. You can donate to an organization that plants trees on your behalf, or plant a tree yourself in your yard, school yard or garden or anywhere you want (in coordination with the owners of the place of course).

Happy Arbor Day Greeting Cards
Arbor Day Coloring Pages

When is Arbor Day coming out in the US in the coming years?
2022- April 29, Friday
2023- April 28, Friday
2024- April 26, Friday

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