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Backwards Day- 31 January

Thank you for reading this far! 

Backwards Day is the day to do everything backwards, from back to front! 

There are many ways to celebrate this day: go reverse, put on your clothes when the back is in front, write, speak or read backwards. 

It is also possible to change your daily routine to be the opposite: start with pajamas in bed and finish the evening at work. Start your day at dinner and end with breakfast. Eat dessert first and then the meal. People can say "bye" when meeting and "Hi" when they separate. In a phone call start with: "Goodbye! Thanks for calling!" And end the call in: "Hello, how may I help you?". 
An interesting example in the history of reverse doing things is of none other than one of the world famous artists, Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci wrote in his diaries in mirror writing, with the text in the opposite direction and can only be read in front of the mirror. There are several theories as to why Da Vinci did this. Could it be because it made it difficult for people to steal his ideas, or he could have hidden his work to prevent religious persecution. Another theory is that the artist simply wanted to avoid staining ink, because when writing from left to right with the left hand, the writing hand "smears" the ink and Da Vinci was left-handed.

In short, this is a very cool day to get out of the routine and normal life. While this may seem like a silly day, there is a deeper meaning behind it and an opportunity to re-examine our habits.

January 31 is also Zebra Day

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