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World Environment Day- June 5

World Environment Day is an international holiday celebrated every year on June 5 by UN member states to raise environmental awareness. The day was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 and first marked in 1974. Meetings are held during the day. And conferences on education and awareness on the subject, including ways of treating and preventing environmental problems.

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of issues related to the environment, promote change of attitudes on environmental issues and increase the cooperation of all countries, so that people will enjoy a prosperous and secure world in the future.
Environment Day is celebrated around the world in many activities, such as outdoor concerts, processions, tree planting, writing and painting competitions in posters in schools, as well as recycling and cleaning operations.

Earth day coloring pages- Coloring pages of earth

Free printable coloring pages of Earth- maps, globes, ecology, Eco-friendly, save our planet, go green, reduce-recycle-reuse,and more to save our world for Earth day that occurs in April 22. 

Choose the coloring page of the earth you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. 
Don't forget to recycle the paper after use and if you can - print on both sides.
World in hand coloring pages for kids
Earth coloring page- Recycle coloring page
Happy Earth day coloring page
Coloring pages of Happy Earth day to print for free
Happy Earth day Coloring pages to print for free
Coloring page of Earth day
coloring pages to print - earth
Happy Earth day coloring page
earth coloring pages to print for free
coloring pages globes
Happy Earth day coloring page
Hands holding the earth coloring page
Globe coloring page
Go Green coloring pages for kids
Coloring page UFO Earth
Globe coloring page
Africa Earth Coloring page
Asia Earth Coloring page
Australia Earth Coloring page
World in hands coloring page
Earth coloring page
Earth coloring page - the 5 continents
Sketch of the world - where is your country?

National Geographic Day - January 27th

On January 27, 1888, National Geographic was founded. The goal of the organization was to explore the world and promote knowledge in the general public. Nine months after it was founded, its first magazine was published and since then it has been published regularly, once a month, 12 times a year.
The first director of National Geographic was Alexander Graham Bell, the British scientist and inventor who invented Bell's phone (many think he was the one who invented the telephone, but there is controversy over this and some consider Antonio Mauchi the inventor of the telephone prototype).

For almost 130 years, the magazine has reviewed and published thousands of topics, presenting its readers with articles and pictures of distant lands, remote islands, magical and breathtaking landscapes, rare animals, wonderful plants and special and exotic customs of people from other cultures.
At first the magazine consisted of many text articles and few drawings. But when they saw that the popularity of the sheets containing many images was greater, the publishers switched to extensive pictorial content.
Thousands of issues have covered the magazine since its inception. From beautiful dancers on the island of Bali to brutal killing of animals by hunters. Thanks to the magazine people got to know new things that never occurred to them and were not even able to imagine. Thanks to him the distant and unfamiliar world became closer and closer.
The articles published in the monthly deal with a variety of topics such as history, science, geography and geology, and from time to time a special edition is published dedicated to a particular topic. Recently, the magazine has been particularly vocal on environmental issues such as deforestation and endangered species. The magazine has won many accolades for the beautiful and quality photography and the quality of the booklets and is well known due to the detailed maps that are published alongside articles about various places around the world.

On September 1, 1997, the National Geographic television channel was founded, which is a documentary channel that deals mainly with geography, hiking, animals and science.
One of the most famous stories of the magazine, is the story of the girl who scribbled exile from Afghanistan. In 1985, a photo of photographer Steve McCurry was published on the front page, showing the face of an Afghan girl with bright green eyes and a penetrating look. The girl's figure became famous all over the world. After the United States invaded Afghanistan, they began searching for it and in 2002 it was identified as an exile, an refugee of Afghan origin who fled to the United States during the war. The story of her life was published in the March 2003 issue and a documentary series was made about it on the National Geographic television channel. The organization has set up a foundation named after Sharbat Gola, whose funds have established a number of schools in Kabul, Afghanistan, and has promoted the education of girls in Afghanistan and other countries in the region, including food and drink concerns.

The Afghan Girl - Link to the article  
The organization has supported other important and significant projects such as the North Pole Expedition of Robert Piri and Matthew Anson, Antarctica Exploration by Robert Barlett, the excavations at Hiram Bingham's Machu Picchu, the first flight over Richard Byrd's South Pole, the Underwater Diving of Jacques Costo, Jane Goodall's Chimpanzee Exploration, Diane Pussy's Gorilla Exploration, George Bass' Archaeological Exploration, Robert Blard's Decked Titanic Discovery, Paul Zerno's Dinosaur Exploration and more. 
In honor of National Geographic Day, look for issues of the magazine at home or at your parents 'or grandparents' house. In many libraries you can also browse the magazines. If you have the TV channel, watch interesting shows. We tend to take the existence of the National Geographic for granted, but when you think about it, its contribution to humanity is so important, enormous and significant and without it we would have known much less and perhaps the development of humanity would have been slower.

National Geographic title page (source)  

World Religion Day - the third Sunday in January

In our world there are hundreds of countries with thousands of cultures whose traditions began in very ancient times in history and they have adopted many religions that have risen to greatness. Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Shinto and many other currents within the religions themselves are all part of the cultural fabric of our world and World Religion Day is an opportunity to share cultures with each other and learn about others.


The history of World Religion Day
World Religion Day was first celebrated in Portland, Maine, USA, under the title "World Peace through World Religion." Social leaders, educators and philosophers talk about the importance of religions in the world.
Sri Lanka issued a postage stamp dedicated to World Religion Day, followed by the Republic of Congo. The focus of this holiday is to spread awareness and knowledge about the religions that exist in the world today, and to share tolerance and understanding between people of all religions.


How to celebrate World Religion Day?
World Religion Day is recommended to be celebrated by learning and observing other religions, with an open mind. The goal of this day is not for people to convert, but to learn about other religions and the impact of this difference on our world.

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