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Answer Your Cat's Questions Day- January 22

If you love cats and raise at least one at home, you probably know they like to talk to us. Like babies who do not yet know how to speak, they howl in a language we don't understand and try to tell us something all the time. The cat is a very curious animal and they probably also have a lot of questions for us.
The yowl or howl of the cat is a long, drawn-out meow with a few possible meanings: your cat is scared, in pain, looking for a mate, or has captured prey.

To better understand your cats, here is an explanation of the most common types of howls:
A short, sharp howl - a surprised response to fear or pain, "something hit me".

Repetitive howls - your cat wants something. Food, opening a porch door or any other action they want you to perform.

A long howl in a rising tone - The Cat wants to make it clear that he demands that you carry out his request. The rising tone means "Hey, I asked for something!" Cats may howl even when they are bored and need attention. Did you play with your cat today?

Low concrete howls - Your cat wants to express dissatisfaction. He is angry and demands to change a certain situation. His bowl may be empty or his favorite toy may not be in the usual place.

Meow that sounds like "mirror" - make no mistake, cats put the letter R into their howls when they are happy and satisfied. Some will use this voice as a way to greet us when we return home, and others will express joy through it when they see us open the can.
Exhalations - A cat that exhales, sometimes accompanied by a low and threatening voice, wants to warn and demand that they not approach it. Cats do this when they are scared or angry.
Short, intermittent howls that resemble knocks, accompanied by staring into the air - your cat is probably in the middle of a hunt! Cats can spot a bird or other small animal at a great distance, and some will enter their hunting mode even if they have no chance of capturing it.

January 22nd is a special day for cat people, who will stop for a minute and see what their cat tells them!
At, you will find a list of cats' rules at home, such as sitting at the door of the bathroom or toilet when you are there, sleeping on your bed and not allowing yourself to move, walking between your legs, getting into boxes, hiding from you and more. The most common question of the cat according to the site is: "What is behind this door?"

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