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Radio Day - February 13

Once when we wanted to hear news or music, we would settle for the humble radio that would update us on what was happening in the world once an hour.
When we wanted to hear a song we like, without buying the whole record, we would record it from the radio (and no one said it was illegal). We would sit with our finger on the record button, and as soon as the song started we would quickly press it and wait with our finger on the pause button. How annoying were the announcers who had to speak in the background of the beginning of the song or enter at the end ...

UNESCO announced in 2011 a radio day to be held on February 13 every year, to celebrate the importance of radio in our lives. The proposal to hold this day was raised by Spain. Every second and can also download and listen to unlimited songs, but there are still places in the world for which radio is a technological miracle. There are entire populations in the world that do not have access to modern information technologies. Poor villages in Africa gather around the only radio around every night Children in remote agricultural communities in Australia attend school through radio.
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Radio is a major tool in our lives. In Israel, there are about 20 radio stations that broadcast various content such as different types of music, current affairs programs, counseling and more, stations for different populations such as immigrants from Russia, religious, Arabs and more. You can also hear through the internet many radio stations from around the world.

By the way, if you thought you did not need a home radio and that this device has already passed from the world, know that in an emergency, such as a war or a major earthquake, you need to equip a radio transistor with batteries, in case the electricity and internet do not work. That's why you should have a radio at home for any trouble that may come.
So what's your favorite radio station? What do you hear when you travel or at home?

February 13 is also Tortellini Day and Madly In Love With Me Day

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