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Waiters' Day - September 25th

What is a good waiter? A good waiter is someone who serves you quickly and efficiently, who gives you everything you ask and does not forget you, who gives you attention and comes to ask if you need something and most importantly - all courteously with a smile. A good waiter can make the dining experience at the restaurant pleasant and in the opposite case, a poor waiter can make her become a disaster, no matter how tasty the food will be. (Written in masculine but the intention is also for the female of course).

According to statistics, the vast majority of people do not leave proper tips for waiters. Some people leave no tip at all. Think about how skilled the waitress's work is. They have to work long hours on their feet, treat their guests with dedication and courtesy, with a lot of patience, walk carefully with a lot of balance and coordination, trays filled with dishes from the kitchen to the table and back, to be attentive and alert to everything the customer wants Concentrated and with a good memory for all the guests' requests during the meal, before and after and everything to do without complaining and without showing that it is hard!

So it's good to have the day of the waiters, the day you show the waiters and waitresses the world appreciation and appreciation. According to the website, the day of the waiters is designed to change the perception of restaurant service as if it is unprofessional or inferior work. People think that anyone can be a waiter, but the truth is that in order to be a waiter, you need a lot of skills (as described above). So on the day of the waiters, if you are going to a restaurant, look at the waiter or waitress you know best, smile at them and say thank you. Do not take their service for granted and remember that they are just like you. And of course leave a nice tip.

September 25th is also Dream Day

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