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International Coffee day - October 1


International Coffee Day falls on October 1 every year. This is a holiday for all coffee lovers who are basically just about everyone. 

To read more about Coffee Day, click on the link.

Everyone talks about the coffee they prefer, when and in what position. One prefers latte coffee before bed and the other granita on a successful date. She prefers chocolate in the winter under the warm blanket (how can it not be spilled on her?), And you? You just love an old-fashioned instant coffee.

Especially for you we have prepared the following short dictionary, of types of coffee, so that you can re-examine your preferences or at least understand what everyone is talking about.

Espresso - a strong black coffee that is prepared by pouring hot water under steam pressure through finely ground beans. Thick and bitter coffee with a reddish-brown foam on the upper edges, which indicates the quality of the pouring.

Latte - a drink consisting of half an espresso with whipped milk. Latte has an amount of about an inch of frothed milk.

Cappuccino - a drink consisting of an espresso, a third cup of hot milk and a third cup of frothed milk. Not recommended for those on a diet.

Iced coffee - coffee of any kind with the addition of ice. When making iced coffee it should be made more concentrated as the ice cubes that are added to it dilute its flavor. You can sweeten the cold coffee with sugar water (hot water containing dissolved sugar). Vanilla, mocha or walnut extracts can be added to iced coffee.

French vanilla - a drink made from an espresso dish with cold milk, with the addition of vanilla flavors.

Filter - coffee that is prepared by pouring hot water through a container with a filter containing coffee beans. The water absorbs the taste and aroma through the coffee beans and arrives in the glass as a fine coffee drink.

Parfait - a cold drink consisting of instant coffee powder dissolved in water and whipped with the addition of milk. The parfait can be upgraded using various flavor additions or using Irish coffee or Bayliss.

Irish Coffee - Coffee with Irish whiskey. Irish coffee is prepared by pouring a long espresso or filter coffee with sugar into a glass of whiskey. Then pour sweet cream so that two layers are formed in the glass: one dark layer of whiskey coffee and a white layer of cream on top, through which the bitter coffee is drunk.

Granita - a drink made of ice in various flavors such as oranges, lemon, mint, strawberry or almond. This is basically iced coffee.

Macchiato - espresso stained with frothed milk. Add a teaspoon of frothed milk to the espresso and you have a macchiato. The opposite drink is latte macchiato: hot frothed milk with a touch of a teaspoon of espresso.

Instant coffee - coffee powder that is prepared by grinding roasted coffee beans to a fine, cooking them at a high temperature and low pressure when as a result of this process the water evaporates and a concentrated coffee residue remains, which is dried into a powder. Mix a teaspoon of this powder with boiling water, milk, sugar or sucrose Instant coffee drink.

Americano - espresso with added water. The hot water that is added to Americano does not pass through the coffee beans and therefore does not strengthen the espresso flavor. The amount of water added to Americano determines the strength of the drink.

Decaffeinated - For those who do want to sleep well at night or for those whose doctor advised them to avoid caffeine, coffee that contains a small percentage of caffeine. According to the international standard it must contain less 97% caffeine and according to the European standard 99.9% caffeine.

It does not matter what coffee you like to drink, how, when and with whom - we wish you a happy International Coffee Day!

October 1 is also Raccoon Appreciation Day

World Heart Day - September 29

Heart Day is part of an international campaign to spread awareness of heart disease and stroke prevention. This is the perfect day to quit smoking, start exercising and start eating healthy - all to keep your most important organ healthy.

The World Heart Federation has found that heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death in the world, killing 17.1 million people each year - more than cancer, HIV, AIDS and malaria.
Overeating, inactivity, unhealthy diet and high blood pressure, cholesterol and high blood glucose levels are all factors that can cause heart disease and threaten our lives and those of our loved ones. Heart Day was established to convey the message that heart problems can be prevented for every home in the world.

The goal is to improve health in the world by encouraging people to make lifestyle changes and promoting education in the world to maintain the heart. This rate is becoming more and more relevant and reports of obesity, poor nutrition and inactivity in children and young people are becoming more and more common.
On this day will be held to promote a healthy heart. Charities and other organizations coordinate trips and runs, health tests, public discourse, plays, exhibitions and all kinds of interesting and informative events that deal with the topic of the day. So go ahead, you too on Heart Day, be more involved in keeping it up, eat fruits and vegetables and go out for a walk or run; Both you and your heart will feel the benefits.

In honor of International Heart Day, get some interesting facts about our heart:

Every day, the heart generates enough energy to pull a truck for 32 km (20 miles).

The heart can continue to beat even if it is separated from the body because it has its own electrical impulse.

75 trillion cells in the body receive blood from the heart. The units that are not the corneas.

Experiencing an orgasm at least 3 times a week halves the chance of coronary heart disease.

In women, instead of chest pain during heart attacks appear nausea, indigestion, and shoulder pain.

The heart beats more than 100,000 times a day.

Studies have found that vegetarians who avoid meat are 26-68% less likely to get heart disease. Vegans, who avoid meat, milk and eggs, reduce their chance of heart disease by 75%.

Owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than a third, according to studies.

According to recent studies, multivitamins actually increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.

The heartbeat changes and mimics the music we listen to.

Our left lung is smaller than our right lung to make room for the heart.

One man in the U.S. received a heart donation from a suicide victim, married his widow and a few years later committed suicide in the same way his donor did.

Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the chance of developing heart disease by a third.

Couples in love synchronize the heart rate they look at each other in the eyes for three minutes.

Teddy Bear Day - September 9th

The Teddy Bear is one of the most popular toys for children, and it also has a special place in the hearts of many adults. In honor of this beloved furry doll, they invented a whole day, Teddy Bear Day. This day gives people a chance to take their bears out of the closet, hug them and give them lots of attention. This is an ideal time to go out with the teddy bear to his favorite activity, a picnic.
The teddy bears began to be produced in factories in Europe and America in 1907.
The name Teddy Bear comes from the United States, after President Theodore Roosevelt who refused to shoot a small bear during a hunting trip.
Over the years, many Teddy Bears have become famous like the Paddington bear, the Rupert bear, Colargol, Bear Lala and of course Winnie the Pooh and many others.

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September 9 is also North Korea's Independence Day

Rabbit Day - Forth Saturday in September

The fourth Saturday of September is International Rabbit special day.
While many people like to raise this cute animal at home, rabbits also suffer from more harsh and cruel treatment from humans. Many rabbits are captured and taken to laboratories for the purpose of using them for experiments of medical and cosmetic products, hunting them for their fur or for edible purposes.

Rabbit Day is designed to raise awareness for this cute animal and remind you to protect and preserve it. So give your rabbit a delicious carrot and when you buy grooming products, note that they have not been tested on animals.

Fun facts about rabbits:

The difference between a rabbit and a dassie: Rabbits have long, large ears relative to the size of their head, a more prominent tail and their hind legs are longer compared to their front legs. Dassies on the other hand have small and short ears, a short tail and 4 short legs of the same length.
The rabbits do not belong to the rodent family, but to the Lagomorpha family.

The rabbit's teeth are very strong and they never stop growing.
The rabbit has 28 teeth in total.
There are today 45 breeds of rabbits known for them.
If the rabbit is cared for properly, it can reach the age of 10 years.
Rabbits can not vomit.
Rabbits need some hay in their diet to prevent the formation of lumps of fur in their stomach.
Rabbits can make sounds of cats.
The pregnancy of the rabbit lasts 28 days.
A rabbit mother breastfeeds her children only 5 times a day.
Rabbit droppings are widely used in the fertilizer industry.
The rabbits' eyes are very far apart, which allows them to see from behind as well.
Rabbits begin breeding age as early as 3 or 4 months of age.
When rabbits come across something that scares them, they can die of fear.

Rabbit day dates in the next few years:

2020- September 26
2021- September 24
2022- September 23

Dream Day - September 25

It's time to sit and relax and enjoy the day of dreams ....
no no! Don't go back to bed! That is not the intention. Dream Day was invented by a lecturer at Columbia University in 2012 with the goal of helping all of us fulfill our dreams and make the world a better place.
(The intention is to make our dreams a reality, not to run away to sleep).
On Dream Day you can organize an event for friends where you will talk about your dreams and how you can make them come true, or you can stay home and dream about what you most want from life.
The intention is a day of planning how to fully realize our potential, or how to fulfill ourselves, not to dreams of the kind of "lose 5 pounds" or "take revenge on my ex"!

So come up with an inspirational dream, plan a sequence of actions on how to make it happen, and help others make their dreams come true as well.
It's so simple and beautiful: all you have to do is ... dream!

September 25th is also Waiters' Day

Waiters' Day - September 25th

What is a good waiter? A good waiter is someone who serves you quickly and efficiently, who gives you everything you ask and does not forget you, who gives you attention and comes to ask if you need something and most importantly - all courteously with a smile. A good waiter can make the dining experience at the restaurant pleasant and in the opposite case, a poor waiter can make her become a disaster, no matter how tasty the food will be. (Written in masculine but the intention is also for the female of course).

According to statistics, the vast majority of people do not leave proper tips for waiters. Some people leave no tip at all. Think about how skilled the waitress's work is. They have to work long hours on their feet, treat their guests with dedication and courtesy, with a lot of patience, walk carefully with a lot of balance and coordination, trays filled with dishes from the kitchen to the table and back, to be attentive and alert to everything the customer wants Concentrated and with a good memory for all the guests' requests during the meal, before and after and everything to do without complaining and without showing that it is hard!

So it's good to have the day of the waiters, the day you show the waiters and waitresses the world appreciation and appreciation. According to the website, the day of the waiters is designed to change the perception of restaurant service as if it is unprofessional or inferior work. People think that anyone can be a waiter, but the truth is that in order to be a waiter, you need a lot of skills (as described above). So on the day of the waiters, if you are going to a restaurant, look at the waiter or waitress you know best, smile at them and say thank you. Do not take their service for granted and remember that they are just like you. And of course leave a nice tip.

September 25th is also Dream Day

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